Homeless Child

I have been taking notice of the news articles about the latest report in Youth Homelessness in Australia with interest. It has been produced by the National Youth Commission to coincide with National Youth Week and can be found here.

It’s a very sad of affairs when the rate of youth homelessness has doubled in the last 20 years. We are talking about 12 – 18 yr olds who for whatever reason have lost their family, friends and life and had to find their own way on the streets of cities and towns across this great country.

22,000 children are now homeless, however an ABS report from later this year could show an increase in that number.

I find it hard to fathom that a 12 yr old could be on the street. Family break-up is the major cause of kids leaving home. Maybe their parents are drug addicts, or alcoholics. Maybe a parent or step-parents abused them. Maybe they live in an over-crowded house. Maybe there is some sort of mental illness that forces them out.

Whatever the cause I am pretty shocked at the stats. The report suggests funding of $1 Billion over the next decade to battle homelessness in general. To aim for a ‘homeless – free’ country.

The report claims that this could leave to savings of $900 Million from welfare costs, health and mental healthcare, drug and alcohol programs, the justice system and jails.

That is definitely a lofty target and a large amount of money, but I think it’s a worthy contribution that I can help make to the children that have to search for a bed every night or are forced to sleep in unsavoury conditions or accept unsavoury practices for a bed.

There is a doco on ABC tomorrow night which will highlight the plight of homeless children as it follows a group of kids at an Oasis Youth Refuge in Sydney. It will be followed by a panel discussion about the steps that can be taken to prevent homelessness.

Heavy stuff, but worth watching I reckon.

I am so glad that my family, and my friends have never had to experience the other side of this nation that a lot of us forget about. I will always give my kids every chance in life and hopefully this will steer them in the right direction and help them in making the right decisions.

Homeless Child – Ben Harper

Nowhere here
to call my home
no one near
to call my own
all that’s left
is for me to roam
somebody please
help me hang on

Homeless child
homeless child
what is left
for the homeless child

There is no night
and there is no day
it is all
one shade of gray
some will pass
and some will stay
is this the end
or just one more day

Homeless child
homeless child
what is left
for the homeless child

Sure not much
but it’s my best
I just need
some place to rest
if you could just
let me be your guest
I won’t burden you
for very long

Homeless child
homeless child
what is left
for the homeless child


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