Future Thoughts..

Just had a smashing weekend at the coast with LaLa, beach, movies and Camembert.

It’s starting to get chilly at night, and the water was cold enough to cause shrinkage, but LaLa still managed to get a little too much sun.

We even went boating!

Other good news is that we went for a 2 hour walk and my knee has held up well and actually feels fine if not better than before. My toe? That’s another problem.

Mark the date in your calendar. May 9th. My ingrown toenail will be cut out for GOOD. It will be heaven.

Along with some relaxing, we watched a few movies. I finally watched The Queen, and then succumbed to 27 Dresses if not at least for a good perve on Katherine Heigl.

Then there was the Ben Stiller movie, Heartbreak Kid. Coincidentally, both 27 Dresses and Heartbreak Kid starred a Cameron Diaz-a-like Malin Akerman. 27 Dresses was very predictable and ‘chicky-flicky’. Heartbreak Kid was pretty crap. Even Ben Stiller couldn’t save this movie. I think the best actor was probably Carlos Mencia, who I loved as the no-holds-barred Mexican comedian when I was in the States.

The last movie we watched was Evan Almighty today. It’s a feel-good family flick that was very harmless but pretty well done. The animal CGI is pretty damn good and Morgan Freeman as God is just as good as Bruce Almighty. There’s something about his voice. I think he might really be God.

So, driving away from the magnetic force drawing me back is always hard, but it won’t be long till the ‘Laser Gods’ do their work on LaLa’s eyes next Friday.

Woo! No more glasses to hold back the spontaneity. 🙂

There’s been a lot on both of our brains lately, so it was good to get a weekend away. If stars are to be believed then the next little while could be interesting. Changes are afoot!


Long way to go.

I shut up now.


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