2008 – 25% done.

So, it’s April. Somehow.

Wasn’t it just Christmas? Wasn’t the Big Day Out yesterday?

I had an MRI on my knee yesterday. Goddamn those machines are noisy. Especially seeing as though there are no moving parts in it. Lucky the attendant gave me ear muffs cause it was like a jack-hammer in your ear for 20 minutes.

Yes. 20 minutes of having to lie as still as possible. The problem was, when I thought about lying still I would tense up and that’s no good for anyone. I ended up trying to think about beaches, nice food and football.

I couldn’t think about anything racey being in a hospital gown and all. Absolutely NO privacy in those things.

I will have to go and pick up the films now and see what my knee looks like on the inside. Maybe I’ll try and scan it in…


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