NRL 2008 – Round 3 Tips

Wow. What a crappy week of tipping it was last week.

I don’t feel so bad. Some people got zero tips correct.

So I have tipped 8 from 16 games so far. A very average average of 50%

On to Round 3 and here’s hoping my beloved Eels bounce back tonight and that my tipping form returns!


Eels to give the Knights what-for in a big win!

Broncos to keep those Cowboys at bay and win in a close one

Storm to stop those annoying Roosters

Dragons to get the Raiders at home in a close one

Titans to steamroll the Sharks

Rabbitohs to keep the Panthers winless

Bulldogs to bite the Benji-less Tigers

Sea Eagles to win their first against the Warriors


I think that’s looking pretty good. Gotta keep that tipping percentage up over 50%!


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