He seemed nice enough…

“So, do you ever want to run a marathon again?”, he asked.

“Well, no…not really. Once is enough”, I said.

He was younger than I thought he would be. Seemed very mobile and active and asked lots of questions.

“Well, after you have surgery, you should feel fine with a bit of physio”, he added nonchalantly.

“Right. Ummm. Surgery?”

“Well, there’s something wrong with your knee so we’ll have to fix it.”

And so it is, that I am booked in for arthroscopic knee surgery next Thursday.

My knee has been better. Still not 100%, but I can walk without limping. I can even run, but have not done so very much. So much for self-diagnosis, or even doctor diagnosis. It seems that it is cartilage damage to my knee. I cannot quite straighten the leg out completely without pain, and I occasionally get the feeling that my knee is giving way.

The surgery will cost $1800. I get $450 back from medicare, but then I have to add on anesthetists fees, assistant surgeons and hospital fees, plus an MRI. I dare say it will end up being $2000 at least.

Having thought about it overnight, I am inclined to get the MRI and hold off on the surgery. I really cannot afford it right now and it seems overly presumptuous that surgery is the only way to fix the problem.

Not that I’m a knee specialist, but hey…

I know knee injuries are common, but I’ve never had a problem with mine. Does anyone have any stories or wisdom to share in regards to these sorts of things?

Should I postpone the surgery?
Should I seek a second opinion?
Should I live with it?

MRI is booked in for Wednesday. Thursday for Surgery. Wouldn’t most doctors look at the MRI and then decide what to do from there? He said that the MRI would not determine whether or not he did surgery at all.

I am hopeless when talking to doctors. I never ask the right questions. I get flustered and not know what to ask. My mind races and I just accept what they say.



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2 responses to “He seemed nice enough…

  • Meghan

    Hey from Utah in the USA. First of all, love the list of Weird American Shit. I guess I didn’t know it was all weird, being the American that I am, but funny and all true.

    I did a search about patellar dislocation and your blog showed up. I’m dealing with the same issue.

    I haven’t read very far back in your blog so I don’t know what options you’ve tried already. I first saw my doctor for this issue about a month ago. He sent me to physical therapy. The idea is to strengthen the inner-most quad muscles so my patella will get pulled back into place. Have you tried any PT? After four weeks of it, I have to admit it doesn’t seem to be very successful. But if you don’t want/can’t afford surgery, it might be worth trying before surgery.

    This week the physical therapist started taping my patella in place. Basically he yanks that sucker over (to where it should be) and then slaps a few pieces of tape down. The idea is to have it rubbing in the right place to reduce the pain the give the cartilage behind it a chance to heal. After three days, I’m not sure there’s a difference. Another option to maybe look into.

    The only other suggestion is to get a second opinion from another doctor. It seems like your doctor is sort of rushing into this decision. My doctor also seems to think the surgery (if I end up needing it) would be a full incision, not a scope. He said the scope surgeries for this problem usually need to be fixed later because they “don’t stick”. Surgery would suck bad enough, but needing it twice to fix the first one would doubly suck.

    I hope you are able to get some relief from your pain and the annoyance.
    Feel free to check out my blog as well. I chat about a lot of miscellaneous stuff, but I’ve been complaining about my stubborn knee a lot lately.
    Good luck from a weird American!

  • alyndabear

    Yikes … I’m so sorry to hear this. I reckon get the MRI and see what the exact problem is, and if it’s an urgently urgent one to fix.

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