Yo-Yo Mick.

No, I’m not the famous cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, but I do feel like a yo-yo lately.

LaLa has already commented that my moods seem to go up and down like one and internally (and sometimes externally) it is exactly what happens.

Thumbs DownDOWN: Was missing LaLa like crazy last week after 3 weeks apart and we ended up having a silly argument.

Thumbs Up UP: Had a great weekend with LaLa. Recharged the internal and relationship batteries and forgot about any problems. Went to a wedding, sucked down french champagne, caviar and lobster. YUMS!

Me and Pinchy
Me and Pinchy

Thumbs DownDOWN: Back to work. Home Loan consolidation rejected. Repetitive actions causing mental RSI.

Thumbs Up UP: Boys sleep over. Had a fun night and felt like I was Dad of the Year.

Thumbs DownDOWN: Back to work grind. Find out that the one time I get a chance for a trip at work to do training has been cancelled because “people” want to get off Lotus Notes and switch to Microcrap. Frustrated and sick of lack of support.

I hate these mood swings too. I feel like I just can’t get into a good rhythm right now. At least there is a 4 day weekend coming up, which will be bloody FANTASTIC. Bring on the chocolate I say!


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