Working with Hate.

I work with a product every day that people loathe, hate and despise.

I’m not talking about just disliking it, people spit at it. They tell me that they want it to die and never come back.

I have been working closely with this product for nearly 10 years.

It is Lotus Notes.


Ouch..I can hear people getting ready to send me their horse heads and yelling, “THAT FUCKING STUPID PROGRAM”

It gets so bad that sometimes even the people I work with that are supposed to be on our side and supporting the products we work will go to any length to try and get rid of Lotus Notes in favour of some stupid M$crosoft product that doesn’t do half of what Notes can do and will have just as many problems.

I have been fighting these people every day because I believe in the product that I work with.

Not that it’s been easy smooth sailing over these 10 years. There have been days where I’ve wanted to put a fist through my screen or do this…

Keyboard smash

But one day….one day I will change what I am doing…and do something I love.

Something that I want to wake up in the morning and do.

I listen to Marieke every morning and marvel at the job she gets to go too, even if she does have to get up at 4am to do it. (congrats on winning the Bloggie by the way!)


One day.


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3 responses to “Working with Hate.

  • Paul Munro

    Lotus Notes… I haven’t heard that word in about… 10 years. I was thinking to myself that I was a bit of propeller head, but you, Mick, have just taken the blades from my head.

    I seriously didn’t even know they were making it anymore. Goes to show what Microshaft have done to the industry.

  • enny

    Ah ha – I use lotus! And one of my friends (who I think you work with!) uses it too after having used Outlook and she HATES it. With the burning passion of 1000 hells.

    In my head, I blame our IT and our servers for the way mail doesn’t seem to get sent and it doesn’t arrive and it shuts down and loses everything… but you’re right, it might just be the product :o)

    It is pretty funny though – The Hun talks about JJJ in the morning and talks about ‘the girl’ and I’m like ‘not ‘the girl’ – it’s Ms Fits! She’s one of us!!’ heh heh.

  • TJ

    You do realise that one of my main roles is to wheedle people from Notes to Outlook in large-scale migrations…

    Do we have to enter some kind of Thunderdome now? I think that’s how it works.


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