The Friday Fuckwit

One of the best segments on Triple J’s Breakfast Show has always been The Friday Fuckwit. It’s where people call in with nominations for who was the biggest fuckwit of the week.

Nominations often include politicians, sports people, entertainment and TV personalities, or just random idiots that exist in this world.

This week I have my own nominations….

  • To the dickhead streaker at the cricket the other night. Here’s wishing that Symonds had actually hit you harder. He’s apparently made $6000 profit after Ch. 9 has reportedly paid him $7,500 to appear on ACA, after he’s paid the courts $1,500. Maybe Ch. 9 paid him to streak before he did it. I mean, Australia’s cricketing performance was that crap it wasn’t worth watching!

And if you’re interested, check out this link which has an American TV report on it. Apparently they call our stories, ‘Only in Australia’ stories. Don’t we have the same for them?

  • To George W Bush and Dick Cheney who could be arrested in the state of Vermont after residents in 2 small towns voted in favour of impeaching them for breaches of the constitution. Seeing those 2 in shackles would be damn funny. Could you imagine seeing them getting pushed into the back of a cop car and driven to the town limits? Yeah right. It’s good to see that it’s possible for these things to happen though.
  • To the SCG Trust, who have double-booked the SCG for next Sunday. If the NSW Blues win against the Redbacks in the Pura Cup match this weekend, the final would take place there, whilst the Wests Tigers and St. George-Illawarra are also scheduled to play their season opener on the historic ground. What a screw-up. I mean, fair enough it’s a big deal should NSW win and be able to play at home, but shouldn’t this has been considered when giving the same ground to the NRL?
  • To the Banks. Such an easy target, but you’re all a pack of fuckwits. The NAB has decided to raise it’s interest rates by 0.29% of a percent even though the official rate was raised by 0.25% This is despite the warnings from the Treasurer and a number of recent rises. Apparently there are also more to come. When will it stop??
  • Some Fuckwit in Canada decided to volunteer to be the first person to get a tattoo ON HIS EYEBALL!! Click here for details and pictures that I am refusing to look at!

But with all these nominations, there is one bunch of Fuckwits that wins todays Friday Fuckwit award.

  • To the ‘New Idea’ magazine, who could also be called the ‘No Idea’ magazine. Prince Harry was nobly serving his country and fighting on the front line in Afghanistan. A job that not many people would choose to do or have the balls to carry out. After New Idea exposed the story in January, it took a few weeks for the news to spread, but apparently Taliban forces were searching for him from Mid January once the news was further reveals on a US Web Site until he arrived back home last Monday. There were rumours that the leak came from the Royal Family itself as they wanted him to return home, but I can’t see how risking his life on purpose is very smart.

So, to all the Friday Fuckwits, congratulations! If you missed out, maybe you can get nominated next week 🙂


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7 responses to “The Friday Fuckwit

  • Aurelius

    I am a Republican (not the silly American type, but a real one) but I felt a fair bit of respect for the Prince doing service in Afghanistan. Disappointing the media’s stupidity and its craven seeking of some sales overrides all other factors.

  • anne

    My housemate, who was the only one in the house for 5 and a half days, complained that she felt that she was the only one doing dishes for the last 6 days.

  • Melly Mel

    I wanna get nominated!!! LOL 😉

  • Anthony

    My eyesights shit and I usually wear contact lenses. But one morning one of my contacts tore in half, so I had to go a day without being able to see properly. Had birthday drinks at the pub at the end of the day, and said happy birthday to the wrong person!!! (In front of everyone of course)

  • Michael Paterson

    I wish to nominate the delivery truck driver yesterday who cam to my house, left me a parcel and stole my hot water system. You didn’t realize I had 400 cameras starring at you when you did it. One thing to remember for jail is DONT PICK UP THE SOAP.

    Mick from QLD

  • Rachel

    I wish to nominate the f-wit that poisoned the seedlings in QLD. He should be given a piece of his own medicine! Start growing ur own vegies people, unless u have a bar of gold to bye some in the near future.

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