Patellar Subluxation (or Trick Knee)

This is what I think I have.

Basically, my kneecap does not slide in its groove properly and is popping in and out laterally (to the outside), and it is happening particularly in my sleep. (restless much?)

Good article is here.

So, what now?

I have to pick an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Canberra to have a look at it. They’ll probably send me for an MRI scan. They  will probably send me to a physio. They will probably cost be hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

I did find this handy site for rehabilitation exercises though.

Anyone else heard of this? Anyone else had this? How much does it suck??

I am really bad with researching this too. I have a very weak stomach and the image of the kneecap slipping around just makes me queasy.

But this is exactly what is happening to my knee.



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