Leap Day!

It only happens once every four years.

But so does the Olympics, the Soccer World Cup and cleaning out my ears.

It’s also a bloody freezing day here. (7 degrees overnight)

That’s the problem with Canberra. As soon as she gets a whiff that Summer is over, the frosts roll in.

Hopefully this is a one off for now though as next week looks ok:

Monday   : Fine, sunny.             Min: 9    Max: 26

Tuesday  : Fine, mostly sunny.      Min: 11    Max: 27

Wednesday: Fine, mostly sunny.      Min: 11    Max: 26

Thursday : Fine, mostly sunny.      Min: 11    Max: 26

It’s also a 1 in 4 years chance to see The Drop Bears live at the Holy Grail in Kingston on Leap Day!

We’ve been jamming a few new songs, so it should go off tonight.

I am convinced that while I am singing ‘Long Road To Ruin’ I am channeling Dave Grohl.


Oooh….only 2 months till I see him and the Fooeys live again…


So…any girls proposing to their guys today?

Ha…although LaLa made a good point. She thinks that you’d miss out on a ring if the woman proposes.

Apparently if a guy declines a proposal on Leap Day, they must pay a FINE. “(Back in the 1200s the fine ranged from a kiss, to 1 pound, to a silk dress. Most gents are probably wishing it would work the other way around too!)”

How’s that for pressure??

Personally, I don’t think it should always be left to the male to propose anyway. I mean, why should a guy be left with such a big decision?

Mind you, if the woman nags hints enough, then I guess it’s not really the guys decision anyway…



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