Oscar, Callala and LaLa

Firstly, the Oscars have been a bit dull.

It is just shy of midnight and there’s been very little entertainment to be honest. Where’s the Best Picture dissections? Where’s the interpretive dance? The voted songs are boring. The presenters (except for Steve Carell) have been about as entertaining as Daryl Somers.

We have just had the Best Actor award presented to Daniel Day Lewis. Best Screenplay went to Juno’s author and ex Exotic Dancer, Diablo Cody (Jon’s comment about taking a pay-cut was gold!). Tilda Swinton snatched the Oscar off Cate in Supporting Actress and then Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose) upset Cate in the Best Actress category.

Oh, and I haven’t seen The Bourne Ultimatum yet, but it has cleaned up the techy awards winning 3. Best Sound Editing, Mixing and Film Editing. There must be some good technical quality in that movie!

So, we have the final 2 awards. Time to live blog!

Martin Scorcese comes out to present the final Best Director Award.

Best Director nominees are announced…

I hope the Coen Brothers win……..and they do! They score the gong for ‘No Country for Old Men’ and have already scored the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar earlier on. Nice!

Ha. Ethan makes a funny! He is a man of few words. These brothers are so different to the rest of the directors going around. It’s something about brothers I think. (thinking about the Matrix directing Wachowski Brothers)

Ok. Best Picture time. Denzel Washington struts out to present it.

Michael Clayton
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood.

(I only ended up seeing 2 of them! I am so slack).

But, YES, one of the ones I saw wins! ‘No Country for Old Men’ wins the premiere Oscar of the night and it’s well deserved. It’s a great movie, and if you haven’t treated yourself yet, SEE IT!

The Coen Brothers almost look embarrassed as the Producer gives the acceptance speech.

Jon Stewart says Goodnight and Drive Safe and we’re done. Wow…it’s only midnight…

Overall, I think Jon Stewart was pretty good. His opening monologue was pretty funny, although quite tame compared to some of his efforts on ‘The Daily Show’

Oh well. All Done for another year.

I had a top weekend with LaLa. We spent our first anniversary (Yes. One Year since that fateful night!) down at Callala Bay (almost LaLa’s namesake!) and had a great time.

The 2 giant Orb-Weaving spiders outside may have freaked us out a little, but it didn’t ruin a fantastic weekend.

Although ‘This is England’ is probably not the best anniversary movie to watch…

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