Weeks Start.

A quick weekend it was.

Friday night was a gig at the Civic RSL. Not a huge crowd, but bigger than last time. Hopefully we will get some more people when the RSL puts us on a Saturday and offers 4 spirits for $11. Oooh. That could be messy.

We played pretty well though and tried out a few new songs to the “masses”

Saturday was Rugby registration day for my eldest boy (here’s hoping he learns to run the right way this year!), and then my daughter was in the circus show at the Multi-Cultural Festival in Civic. And boy was it PACKED. Every year it seems to get bigger and bigger, with more and more drunken yobs. Unfortunately a bunch of them were right next to the circus show, drinking and smoking and generally being a skidmark on society. My daughter’s stilt walking and (attempted) plate spinning were great though. She’s really getting good. Will have to take her to Cirque De Soleil next time it comes to town.

Had some drinks at AllBar Nun with some workmates and then on to Struggle Town (Queanbeyan) for the next gig.

Walsh’s Hotel is an interesting place. There are all sorts of people there. You’ve got your typical bogans and Struggle Towners, and then plenty of regular old guys, just there for a drink and perve, usually on an assortment of young girls in groups and then your polo shirted yuppie guys drunk and making trouble.

There’s a big outdoor ‘beer garden’ that has a thick haze of smoke under the canopy and makes the ‘going outside for some fresh air’ mean very little. But, I tell you what, I’m so bloody glad that I joined a band after the cigarette ban indoors in pubs. It would have been a definite health hazard!

In actual fact, the gig we played was great fun and we had a tops crowd who got into the last couple of sets and even with Acca-Dacca’s ‘TNT’ wrapping up the night, we managed to avoid any of the usual brawls.

After ducking in for a late-night burger in Woden, I went home and prepared for a BIG nights sleep. I have felt like I haven’t had a decent sleep-in for weeks, so it was time to see how long I could sleep.

At my place I have roller shutters on my windows, and it makes the room pitch dark. It’s awesome for sleeping in and not knowing what time it is.

So, at 3am, I drank a Gatorade (to re-hydrate), turned off the mobile phone, blocked the light from under the door, rolled down the shutters and bunkered in for a good sleep.

And boy…what a sleep. I woke up and of course it was still pitch black. I had no idea what time it was, but I had to pee so had no choice but to get up. I tentatively checked the time.



Holy crap. What a sleep. A nice hearty 11 hours!

I turned on the TV, watched the beginning of the cricket (shameful batting Australia, but awesome bowling India), and went to play Indoor Soccer, looking very much like I had just gotten out of bed.

More cricket, some KFC, more Indoor Soccer and then home to salad, cricket, blogs, phonecall and bed.

And then it was Monday.

But it’s amazing what some good sleep can do. I felt so much happier and alive this morning compared to the last couple of weeks.

So good in fact that I rode to work all sprightly and shit and then got a call from Rolfe Honda telling me my car was supposed to be in for a service today.


So, a sprint back home on the bike and then a drive back in and all was fixed.

Lucky I only live 5km from work ๐Ÿ™‚

I am a dingbat.


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