Weeks End.

Counting down the days till the end of a week is not a good sign.

It usually means that;

a) Work is not captivating enough to keep you interested

b) You have stuff on the weekend that you’re really looking forward to

c) You like to count.


In my case, I think a is my selection. I don’t have enough on this weekend to really look forward to, but you can count b because the biggest think about weekends is that I don’t have to work.

I have a real problem with MOTIVATION. I lack it. I have honestly never had a job where I can keep motivated.

How do people come to work every day and strive to do better and better?

Which magical, mystical jobs are these??

I mean, I have dream jobs. The jobs that I want to do. I even dreamt about such a job last night.

I was working with Dools and Linda at Triple J. I was spinning songs. I was hanging out with bands. I was picking songs to play on the radio. I was MOTIVATED.

in my sleep.

More motivated than I am to solve dozens of annoying IT problems. Every. Single. Day.

How do you keep motivated?

Is it;

  • Setting Goals?
  • The fear of not looking bad?
  • Monetary incentive?
  • Fear of going insane?
  • Resignation of a mundane life?
  • The knowledge that what you are doing is really making a difference?

I think the only job I’ve ever had where I felt I was making a difference, was where I was making passports for Australians in Washington DC.  At least I knew that I was producing something tangible.

Here, all I am doing, is fixing things that have always been there.

le’ sigh.

Must. Perform. Mindless. Tasks.

Have a nice Friday everyone.


The Drop Bears play tonight at the Civic RSL, and then tomorrow night at Walsh’s Hotel in Queanbeyan. Come on down and bring your dancing shoes. Even if they aren’t Blue Suede.



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5 responses to “Weeks End.

  • mez

    I often find myself wondering these things too. I *am* motivated in order to teach these children how to write/read/count etc and so every lesson I self reflect about how I can make the next one better – that’s just an automatic thing though, I don’t sit down and write a thesis about it. I don’t really make career goals or any of that garbage. I don’t understand people that do to tell you the truth. They sort of make me sad. I mean aren’t there more important things to life?

  • alyndabear

    My motivation changes depending on the day. At the moment, I need to get through another 2.5 months of probation ….. and then I can earn monthly bonus amounts. That’s going to be my motivation!

  • enny

    Do you live to work or work to live?

    I mostly like my job but more importantly I really like the majority of people I work with. I do a lot work with ‘the little people’ and I like being able to help them and I like being thanked. It’s the irritating ongoing projects that give me the sh!ts and my tactic seems to be to ignore it until it goes away – I realise it’s not very practical!

    The way I see it, work is something I do from 8:30 till 5 that is not so terribly awful that I leave there when I leave the building. It allows me the money to live comfortably and will give me some level of security for when I do the adult house-buying/boy-marrying/baby-having thing.

    Then I will schedule a job crisis around 40 :o)

  • LaLa

    I think I am a bit offended by Mez’s comment.

    It makes ME sad that you had such a one-eyed perception of people who make career plans.

  • LaLa

    “Have” sorry, not “had”

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