Australia Day Long Weekend – Part 2 – Triple J Hottest 100

The Day After the Big Day Out is always a little interesting.

How sore will I be? How burnt did I get? Is my big toe still attached to my foot?

As it turns out, apart from the slight redness on my neck and my healing toe, I was ok. My shirt, shorts and boxers were a little damp (from..umm…sweat mostly..I hope) still however. Good thing I had a shower before bed, I must have smelt DIS-GUST-ING!

So, we come to Saturday and of course Hottest 100 Day! And some sort of Australia Day thing as well.

10am always comes along so quickly on a public holiday, and while LaLa and I were still breakfasting (with yummy bacon, eggs and sausages), No’s 100 – 82 were being played.

82 Foo Fighters Long Road To Ruin
83 Wolfmother Pleased To Meet You
84 Chemical Brothers Do It Again
85 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Down Boy
86 Midnight Juggernauts Tombstone
87 Jackson Jackson Eliza
88 Cops The Message
89 Queens Of The Stone Age Sick, Sick, Sick
90 Clare Bowditch & The Feeding Set When The Lights Went Down
91 Josh Pyke Sew My Name
92 Waifs, The Sun Dirt Water
93 Bumblebeez Dr Love
94 Radiohead Jigsaw Falling Into Place
95 Regina Spektor Samson
96 Ben Lee Love Me Like The World Is Ending
97 Josh Pyke Forever Song
98 Interpol The Heinrich Maneuver
99 Hives, The Tick Tick Boom
100 Pnau Wild Strawberries

Interesting mix there. I am glad The Hives got in with Tick, Tick, Boom. There’s a few surprises in there, like The Waifs (who I rarely hear on JJJ) and the Fooeys so low down with Long Road to Ruin. One of my favourites was Eliza by Jackson Jackson. Glad it made it in.

It was around this point that LaLa and I had our first real fight ever. It was to do with music, my insensitivity and such things.

I really should realise that people’s passions come in different ways and that just because The Hottest 100 is on, doesn’t mean that anyone else has to like it like I do.

But anyway, the countdown continued as LaLa and I prepared to make our way to the Domain for the Hottest 100 Outside Broadcast (OB).

62 Cat Empire No Longer There
63 Karnivool The Only Way
64 Shins, The Australia
65 Editors Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
66 Powderfinger I Don’t Remember
67 Amy Winehouse Rehab (feat. Jay-Z)
68 Ben Kweller Penny On The Train Track
69 Digitalism Pogo
70 Tegan And Sara The Con
71 Butterfly Effect Reach
72 Jose Gonzalez Down The Line
73 Grinspoon Black Tattoo
74 British India Run The Red Light
75 Kasabian Shoot the Runner
76 Muscles Sweaty
77 Operator Please Get What You Want
78 Arctic Monkeys Brianstorm
79 Josh Pyke Lines On Palms
80 Silverchair Reflections Of A Sound
81 Arcade Fire No Cars Go

Some more top songs in there, and my first voted song, Lines on Palms by Josh Pyke made it in, plus Editors with Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors. Lots of Aussie stuff as well with Silverchair, Operator Please, Muscles, British India, Grinspoon and Butterfly Effect etc.. It’s always a big thing to see how many of the 100 songs are Australian. I have highlighted them in GREEN.

We drive on down towards the Domain and parked near an old car ‘Show and Shine’ around Hyde Park. We strolled through the old Holden’s, Fords and vintage English cars. (Ever heard of a Vanguard?)

It was a gorgeous day. Sunny, not too hot and just right to celebrate being an Australian.

As we mosied on down to the entrance of the Domain we noticed that we weren’t the only ones with the great idea of relaxing in the shade.

The Domain

The Triple J Stage

Finally we made it through the gates and scored a neat posi just in the middle on the left, laid out our blanket with a Bluetongue beer and chilled out to the next 20 or so songs..

40 Bloc Party I Still Remember
41 Modest Mouse Dashboard
42 Tegan And Sara Back In Your Head
43 Lupe Fiasco (Feat. Matthew Santos) Superstar
44 My Chemical Romance Teenagers
45 Angus & Julia Stone The Beast
46 British India Tie Up My Hands
47 Cog What If
48 Bloc Party Flux
49 Arctic Monkeys Fluorescent Adolescent
50 Cat Empire So Many Nights
51 Missy Higgins Peachy
52 Kisschasy Spray On Pants
53 Missy Higgins Steer
54 Klaxons Golden Skans
55 John Butler Trio Good Excuse
56 Xavier Rudd Better People
57 Midnight Juggernauts Into The Galaxy
58 Muse Invincible
59 Fratellis Chelsea Dagger
60 Kings Of Leon Charmer
61 Birds Of Tokyo Wayside

Another interesting mix. John Butler Trio scored their first entry. How many would they get? I was picking them for No. 1, but maybe they had too many songs in contention. Missy Higgins scored 2 in 3 songs, and I’m glad the Fratellis grabbed a slot with their song, Chelsea Dagger.

32 of the 60 songs so far have been Australian. I think 50% is a damn good percentage and here’s hoping it stays like that..

The afternoon cruised along. It was so nice in the shade just chatting and people-watching as we munched down on a souvlaki in a roll with some sweet chilli sauce. (yum!).

And some interesting people there were!

Boxhead Umbrella Boys

Balloon Dickhead

Cork Hat

I was also stoked cause I had scored Linda and Dools autograph earlier on and was waiting to get more later!

Me with Linda and Dools

And we compared tongue sizes…

Our tongues

The countdown continued..

15 Powderfinger Lost And Running
16 Gyroscope Snakeskin
17 M.I.A Paper Planes
18 Presets, The My People
19 Architecture In Helsinki Heart It Races
20 Kanye West Stronger
21 Chemical Brothers The Salmon Dance
22 John Butler Trio Used To Get High
23 White Stripes Icky Thump
24 Bloc Party Hunting For Witches
25 Urthboy We Get Around
26 Hilltop Hoods Recapturing The Vibe (Restrung)
27 Operator Please Just A Song About Ping Pong
28 Silversun Pickups Lazy Eye
29 Regina Spektor Real Love (Like A Version)
30 Silverchair If You Keep Losing Sleep
31 Angus & Julia Stone Wasted
32 Kisschasy Opinions Won’t Keep You Warm At Night
33 Kings Of Leon Fans
34 Feist 1234
35 Justice D.A.N.C.E
36 Architecture In Helsinki Hold Music
37 Cold War Kids Hospital Beds
38 Beautiful Girls I Thought About You
39 Cut Copy Hearts On Fire

There’s one Beautiful Girls song, but I am doubting that the one I voted for will get in now. It was a big year for Architecture in Helsinki who returned to the scene with a killer album and 2 songs in this group. There was a big cheer from the crowd when Just a Song About Ping Pong hit No. 27. Not a bad spot for a bunch of teenagers. It’s the top 25 that I really like to take note of and every song has been a popular and most requested song on JJJ throughout the year.

Chemical Brothers’ Salmon Dance was hugely popular, as was Kanye’s Stronger. Well Done to Gyroscope for their spot at No. 16 and The Presets at No. 18 with My People. It hasn’t even been out that long. Am sorta surprised that Angus & Julia StonesWasted came in above The Beast, but I guess it was catchier.

After I lined for Rosie and Vijay’s autograph..

Me with Rosie and Vijay

..and we walked back to the car via some old Corolla’s, Holdens and Mustangs..

Gold FJ Holden

I thought about how lucky I was to have a great girl that I could spend this day with. Even though she is not even into nearly all of the music that they play on JJJ, she was willing to come along with me and share it with me.

Special Day

We reached the car and there were 14 to go. I listened to half of them on the drive back and the rest back at home…

1 Muse Knights of Cydonia
2 Silverchair Straight Lines
3 Kings Of Leon On Call
4 John Butler Trio Better Than
5 Faker This Heart Attack
6 Foo Fighters The Pretender
7 Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (live)
8 Cold War Kids Hang Me Up To Dry
9 Soko I’ll Kill Her
10 Panics, The Don’t Fight It
11 Bluejuice Vitriol
12 Wombats, The Let’s Dance To Joy Division
13 Kaiser Chiefs Ruby
14 Muscles Ice Cream

In past years there’s always a couple of songs just out of the top 10 that I really love and this year was no exception. The Wombats song, Let’s Dance to Joy Division was just outside as were The Kaiser Chiefs. Both of them are British Rock/Pop and I like them both.

The Top 10 itself was an interesting mix. I have still not listened to The Panics album and took me a while to realise who it was. I am glad Soko’s novelty song didn’t get any higher than No. 9. Cold War Kids at No. 8? Surprised! Then there was Daft Punk at No. 7. I still don’t believe that you can re-release an old song as ‘live’ and then get it voted in to the current years countdown. Don’t get me wrong, I love this song and it is probably my favourite song of theirs, but I didn’t vote for it because of my ‘rules’. LaLa thinks I am silly. 🙂

My favourite song of the year made it to No. 6, Foo Fighters, Pretender. Not bad really . I also voted for No. 5, Faker’s This Heart Attack. It wasn’t until the BDO the day before that I realised so many people were into this song! My pick for No. 1 made it to No. 4, JBT’s Better Than. Kings of Leon at No. 3? What the? I had no idea this song would get so high.

It was now that I was hoping, hoping, hoping that Silverchair’s Straight Lines would not make No. 1. It’s not that bad a song, but I just didn’t think it should be No. 1. Call me un-patriotic! As it turned out it was No. 2 and was pipped to the No. 1 spot by just 13 votes. I had no idea who No. 1 was going to be, but if I had analysed the list a bit more I might have figured it out. Muse are enormously popular on JJJ and they had been in the chart with Invincible earlier on. I just forget about them. They released Black Holes & Revelations in 2006 and Starlight was No. 9 in the 2006 countdown. When I think about it, I can see why Knights of Cydonia made it to No. 1. There are a lot of Muse fans out there and because they only had 2 songs to vote for, many people would have picked it in their Top 10 just because it was there.

Great song though and first non-Australian No. 1 in 3 years.

All up there were 52 Australian songs in the Hottest 100. That’s bloody awesome.

So, it was over for another year. Time to start listening to the new music and waiting for those stand-out tracks that always seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Us on the grass

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5 responses to “Australia Day Long Weekend – Part 2 – Triple J Hottest 100

  • LaLa

    Erm… I really like Powderfinger?

    Lord. My boobs look fake in that last photo.

  • Fiona

    The waifs used to be played a heap more on triple j … used to hear london still and lighthouse… which made me think that sun dirt water was a lot older than that

  • enny

    We tuned in at 95 as we left the hotel – I was stoked it was Regina! We listened to them for the drive home, flicked on the radio and then napped/read/computered until number one – if we had another night in Sydney we definitely woulda hit up the park with half a dozen cruisers :o)

    I LOVE Angus and Julia Stone but for some reason HATE The Beast!!! I’m glad Muse took it out, they are totally amazing – I didn’t vote Knights though (The Hun did – I won last year by voting for One Crowded Hour).

    PS – I was disappointed Earth Intruders didn’t make it!

  • kirby

    Is it bad that the first thing I’m going to comment on is that yes, I know what a vanguard is? And that the show and shine is actually called a ‘motorfest’…. I saw my first wiggles concert at that very car event. In a Vauxhall, not a Vanguard.
    I think the Pretender should have been higher. It’s probably the only song on the countdown that I know well enough … apart from silverchair, but I don’t care so much about them.

    Has that guy got a balloon penis on his head?

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