It’s Life as I Know It

18 days into the year and I feel like I haven’t actually stopped yet.

I am going to take this self-imposed lunch break at work to give a status of my life.

That Report Card was something that I wanted to do as my first post of the year, and of course the obligatory Hottest 100 post.

But now…let’s stop and look.

Firstly, the holiday was fan-frigging-tastic. I have missed Queensland, and even though the weather was pretty shitty and we even spent a night in a TENT in the middle of cyclonic conditions, LaLa and I had an amazing time.

From Sydney –> Lennox Head (in a tent) –> Brisbane –> Hervey Bay –> Buderim –> Gold Coast –> Lake Haven –> Sydney

About 3000kms of driving, but ‘Black Betty‘ held up well.

The best holidays are those ones where you don’t know or care what time or day it is. Where you aren’t locked into doing anything and can just make stuff up as you go.

I think I took LaLa out of her comfort zone a little because we basically went on this holiday with no accommodation booked and no solid plans. We just knew where we’d be for New Years and that we wanted to get to Hervey Bay.  Other than that, how long we stayed, where we stayed and what we did was up in the air.

It worked out well though. It felt relaxing and the time actually didn’t even seem to go that fast.

The highlight of the trip for me, besides that fact that I spent 2 weeks with the girl of my dreams, was Hervey Bay.

It was the first time I’d been there and the furthest north on this country I have ever been. It’s just an idyllic place. Flat, calm, gorgeous beach. Friendly bustling little town, but also shops and mod-cons where you need them.

I WANT to move there. Seriously. I could see myself living there in a few years and running some sort of business and working in computing part-time or something. I dunno. I will definitely be looking into it though.

It is a growing town and I can see that house prices will probably continue to sky-rocket there for some time, so I feel like I should get in now Now NOW, but unfortunately I don’t have a spare $350,000 lying around to buy a house.

But that’s it. $372,000 for a gorgeous place like this one.

Chickens! Vegie’s! Verandahs! BOAT PORT!

I want want want.

But anyway, back to the land of reality.

After The ‘Herve’ we drove down the coast to Buderim. Another cute little town near Mooloolaba. My cousin now lives there and put us up in our very own little flat for the night. It was a big old house that had now been sectioned in 4 units. Very cool.

Mooloolaba is also a nice place. We only saw the main beach road at night (whilst licking Gelato’s and looking at the beach) but it was really nicely done up and people were everywhere.

From here we decided to pay for accommodation for the first time on our trip ($50 for a tent site doesn’t count!), and jumped onto Wotif to find a hotel on the Gold Coast. After my usual procrastination, we decided we’d give the Wotif 5 Star Mystery Hotel a shot. You pay for it on credit card and don’t know where you’re going to stay until after you pay. It’s all very exciting and $160 a night in a 5 star place seemed like a good idea to us.

The hotel we scored was Jupiters Casino, which although is a fancy and large hotel, was probably at it’s prime in 1988. The decor, the colours and the small TV were probably not what you’d expect from a 5 Star hotel, but the service and the pool were great. We of course went just before their refurbishments as well, which will be upgrading everything from beds to tv’s to the lovely 80’s colours in the rooms.

But how can 3 days on the Gold Coast be bad? They were fun. We got (some) sun, we cruised Cavill Ave at night, we played mini golf, we ate all-you-can eat pancakes and we had Sizzler.

Yes, my friends, Sizzler. They are almost an extinct species south of Tweed Heads, and the Canberra locations disappeared several years ago, but apparently those wacky Queenslanders still love their all-you-eat Salad Bar, Parmesan Bread (or Cheesy Bread as LaLa informed me) and Potato Skins.

Judging by the clientèle on the night we went, some of them enjoy it a little TOO much if you know what I mean.

I swear, with the meals we had on those 3 nights at the Gold Coast, you’d think we were obese American tourists. It must have just been our daily swims and lounging around the hotel that kept the k’s down.

Then there was the casino and my attempts to double my our money at Blackjack. The first time we went, I guaranteed with LaLa that I would double her $20. Sure enough, 15 minutes later I handed her 40 bucks.

The next time we went, we upped the ante to $50 each. I was up and down and probably at the table for a good hour. It got to the point where we had to go to dinner, so I put up stumps with me being up about 10 bucks.

Then as we were about to walk away from the table, LaLa points out a chip on the floor. I nonchalantly pick it up and start walking towards the cashier.

“You realise what I just picked up?”

“Nope. What is it?”

“That’s a 100 dollar chip right there”

I showed LaLa what I had picked up. It shiny black 100 dollar Jupiters chip. I’m pretty sure the guy who owned it was sitting next to me and was throwing 100’s around like they were poker chips you’d have at home.

So, somehow we still ended up doubling our money that night and paid for a lovely dinner of Japanese in a little place we found. Sometimes you don’t get the best food at the most expensive places.

After doing the drive from the Gold Coast to the central coast of NSW (stopping at Tropical Fruit World on the way and meeting Mr. Avocado) and just avoiding a crash on a roundabout when my eyelids were about to slam shut from exhaustion, we shacked up with my Auntie for the night and then headed back to Sydney Town the next day.

Coming back from holidays is the worst, but at least we had a weekend to ease our way back in to the ‘real life’.

My weekend involved 2 gigs in Canberra with The Drop Bears, very little sleep, Indoor Soccer and a birthday party for my youngest.

Then. Monday. Work. Blah.

I think yesterday I finally got used to the fact that I wasn’t on holiday any more.

I just don’t want to be here.

Life doesn’t slow down however. Tonight I have another gig with The Drop Bears.

Come on down to the Mawson Club tonight for Classic Rock Cover Bands ACTION!

Yes indeedy. The gigs are fun, and I need the money, but my sleeping patterns are not enjoying the late nights and early mornings.

Then I take the kids down to Callala Bay for a night and then I play Indoor Soccer and the week begins again.

Thank the Public Holiday gods that next week is not only the coveted Big Day Out, but also a long weekend.


There we have it.

In the middle of all this, I have registered a business name. Bought a domain, and hoping to set up a pretty new website soon. Stay tuned!


There goes my lunch break.

Shhh…I’m going to go and have a real one now 🙂

Oh yeah, and photos from aforementioned holiday are coming soon. I just don’t have them here at work, and LaLa has to send me the one of her and Mr. Avocado!


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