The Bass of Life

I was in a club in Kingston the other week after a band gig.

I was tired and a little inebriated and just watching the punters as they milled around at 3.30am while I waited until I was sober enough to drive home.

A lady, probably around 40 years of age that had been dancing with her friends previously, suddenly came up to me and said, “You know, you really should smile. There’s nothing so bad in life that you can’t smile every single day”.

Now, it’s not that I was sad or upset or even mopey. I was just buggered and a little bored, but the fact that she came up and said that DID make me smile. I like it when strangers make an effort to talk to someone, even just to say a line that was probably inspired by the raspberry vodkas she was having. People really should interact more instead of that silence we seem to have in a lift with someone, or in a shopping queue, or at a bus stop.


This is a strange time of year.

On one hand, it goes fast because, hell TIME GOES FAST, as is proven as we get older. Years just tick by like they are days.

On the other hand, these last few weeks have been crawling along, and of course, because Christmas is around the corner, time seems to stand still because TIME DOES NOT WANT YOU TO HAVE A HOLIDAY.


So, I did most of my Chrissy shopping last weekend and thank you to Mr. Internet I have done a lot more which should be arriving in the lovely post this week.

I am still jamming with my band, and still seeing the kids when I can, but I feel that I have been too busy of late to really spend quality time with them. Will hopefully make up for that over the Christmas break.

I feel like I haven’t really stopped in the last few months. I’m hardly at home, and when I am, it is usually late at night when I should be sleeping. Thus, I never get my 8 1/2 hrs and I feel crabby in the morning.

Put that on repeat and it’s my life!

Maybe I need to make my life simpler. Summer is a good time of year to do that.

I was thinking about priorities yesterday and I think I have had problems with maintaining the right priorities in life before.

I probably should look at that a little closer.

Bah..I dunno. Keeping the balance is the key to everything and I think I do ok with it, but sometimes it is impossible to keep everyone happy.

Just got to keep on keeping on and move to the Bass of Life.

Oh…and don’t forget to smile


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