The 2007 J Award – Preview

The 3rd annual J Awards are going to be announced on Friday (Wolfmother – 2005, Hilltop Hoods – 2006) and there are some mighty contenders for the prize this year.

One category. One Winner. The best Australian Album of the year.

I like the fact that the J Award will go to a band that has had the biggest influence on the Australian music scene during the year and not who sold the most records.

I will be announcing my annual top 5 albums of the year soon, but until then….

The J Award:

The criteria:
The J Award is for an album of outstanding achievement as an Australian musical work of art – for its creativity, innovation, musicianship and contribution to Australian music.

I haven’t heard all the nominated albums this year, but most of them and here’s my thoughts..(in red)

John Butler Trio John Butler Trio
Grand National
Amazing Album. Great Band. I think it’s their best album yet and the live show was outstanding.
Josh Pyke Josh Pyke
Memories & Dust
Personally, this is one of my favourite albums of the year as well. Josh Pyke has a habit of making me smile. I listen to this when I am in a good mood.
Silverchair Young Modern
A huge return to form for this Aussie trio. This album has a bit of everything and a lot of what we come to expect. They outshone the Finger at their concert too.
The Vasco Era Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
The Vasco Era
Haven’t heard the album, but have heard their singles. I like their sound, but I think they’re a bit green and not really my favourite style
Architecture in Helsinki Places Like This
Architecure in Helsinki
These guys are out there and that’s what makes them great. Haven’t heard the whole album, but love their main single. Think of The Avalanches and then twisted it 90 degrees ๐Ÿ™‚
British India Guillotine
British India
Love love love these guys. New band. Killer album. They were next crop artists on Triple J 2 years ago and now have a sweet album and a Homebake/BDO show coming up. yes yes yes!
Midnight Juggernauts Dystopia
Midnight Juggernauts
Where the hell did these guys come from? First I hear they’re playing the One Night Stand in Cowra and then they’re taking over the country. Awesome album. They are going to be HUGE. Very addictive sound.
Katalyst What’s Happening
This internationally acclaimed producer has been around the traps for a while, and this album gives you more of the slick dancy grooves you are used to. Love the first single. Lots of great collaborations on this.
Urthboy The Signal
This offspring from The Herd has grown into an addictive fun filled Aussie Hip Hop romp. Am annoyed that I missed his gig here recently, but will make sure I see him at the BDO!
The Panics Cruel Guards
The Panics
Must admit I have not heard hardly any of their new stuff, except for the single. Not bad though.
Grinspoon Alibis and Other Lies
Aaah, the grinners. Phil’s off the ice and the band takes a big step forward. They self-proclaim that their last album was shit and this one is much better. I agree.
bumblebeez Prince Umberto & The Sister Of Ill
The Braidwood duo of Chris and Pia Colonna have made this album fun and fresh. Haven’t heard it all, but damn it makes you move.
pnau PNAU
They’re back! Pnau blew me away about 8 years ago with their first album and this one has so far kept up to expectations. Catchy hooks, driving beats, easy listening electronica. Very cool. Seeing them at BDO too!

There we go. I like most the artists nominated and it’s a great eclectic mix I reckon.

My tip? I think that that you can cross off JBT, Silverchair and Grinspoon almost straight away. All top albums, but nothing very innovative or different there.

I think the rise and rise of Midnight Juggernauts will get them the gong. They truly deserve it after a huge huge year.

British India will come close, but they are still a bit too fresh. I’m sure their 2nd album will have more pull.

Next week I will pull out my favourite 5 albums of the year. Still weighing them up right now ๐Ÿ™‚


Edit: The Panics surprised me by winning with their album Cruel Guards. I am disappointed with myself that I have not heard it! Better remedy that!


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