Dot Point Monday

  • I FOUND my Big Day Out Tickets. Jebus, I was shitting my pants there for a while. In a bag of christmas presents. Gah.
  • Two 4am nights in a row has a way of taking it out of ya.
  • I want to audition for Big Brother. Any ideas on concepts and how I can get public votes?
  • Ingrown Toenail saga. The Pediatrist won’t cut it out! In other news, my sister enjoys inflicting SEARING PAIN on me by stomping on my foot during Indoor Soccer yesterday. Of course, I am stupidly playing indoor soccer with an ingrown toenail. Masochist much?
  • I want to steal a real Christmas tree from the pine forests. They are the perfect size!
  • Christmas Shopping. Time is running out. Crap. I always leave it so late. This weekend I’ll be in Sydney. Gotta battle the crowds at some stage.
  • Holidays! Planning a trip north with LaLa in Late December/Jan. Any recommendations on accommodation up towards QLD?
  • It’s summer. Where’s the cricket? Still another 3 weeks till the next cricket test. Who the hell scheduled it like that?

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