Mo No More!

Well, it’s the first day of summer.

Not that you can tell around here.

We had a BIG BIG storm last night and LOTS of rain fell. I had to drive through a huge puddle in the middle of Northbourne Avenue on the way to my gig last night.

Poor ol’ Elton’s fans were just saturated, but impressively the trooper played for over 3 hours in torrential rain

It’s so great to see the rain though. November seems to have been pretty good for rainfall, and hopefully some of it landed in the catchments.

(Apparently it did.  47mm fell in Kingston and 68mm fell at Googong Dam)

Well, November, or as it has been known, MOvember has come to an end, and I’m guessing all those dodgy mo’s will be hastily shaved off today.

Mine was coming along nicely, but I am happy to get rid of the slug under my nose.

Mo Shave Off

Going. Going. Gone!

The gig went pretty well last night. The crowd was up and down. It seems that our 3rd and best set is the one that really gets the audience going and by the 4th set there’s mostly just drunken yobs around. But as long as they aren’t falling onto the stage (like last night) they are usually fine.

Another gig tonight at the Vikings Club in Erindale. This will be a lot quieter than last night. My ears will thank me!


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