I can’t believe how stupid I am.


I have LOST my Big Day Out Tickets.





I am freaking the fuck out.

I remember taking them from my sister in the car. Looking at them and going “Ooooh..pretty”.

I think I took them out of the car into work.

I think I took them home.

I cannot find them ANYWHERE.

For some reason I have drawn a blank on where the mail got to after the point of taking them from the car.

There were a bunch of other bills and stuff with it as well.

They aren’t at work anywhere.
They aren’t in my car anywhere.
They aren’t at home anywhere.
They aren’t in my sisters’ cars anywhere.


What are my chances that BDO people will believe me and send me new tickets? Man, I wish they used the MoshCard. They are good. Stuff this physical paper ticket stuff..


Oh who am I kidding. I am just fucking STUFFED.


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2 responses to “TRAGEDY!

  • enny

    They’ll turn up – they’ve GOT to turn up!!!!

    They’re proddly with mail – did you file them accidentally? On your desk under your papers? Under the coffee table?

    Ours are on the fridge BUT I will check AGAIN when I get home.

    *fingers crossed*

  • Fiona

    I have a friend who did this last year. Lost his ticket and a few of his friends… and he wound up having to buuy them at a scaklped price on ebay so everyone could go.

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