Did that just happen??

Holy Snapping Duck Shit.

It actually happened.

I almost believed it never would.

Ever since I have been able to vote, Howard has won the election.

Not since those 2 years of Keating after I turned 18, have I known what it’s like to live as an adult in a country not run by John Howard.

And even better? He’s going to lose his seat.

There’s your history right there mate.

2nd longest serving PM? Stiff. You’re also the 2nd PM to ever lose his seat.

All balances out in the end.

Let’s face it peeps, politics is a cut-throat business. The landscape has changed.

LOTS of things will change, but it’s been 11 1/2 years.

The butt-groove in the PM’s chair will need to be ironed out.

It’ll take time, but we have made the right choice.



Thank fuck.


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