Rocking in the Name of Love

Making music is a great feeling. To get up on stage and produce a sound that makes other people move, sing, dance and rock is just awesome.

2 gigs in 2 nights and they couldn’t have be more different.

The Lighthouse was almost like a warm up. We can play a lot better. There were a few, how should I put it, overly energetic males in the crowd that almost spoiled the night, but things ended up ok. The audience seemed to enjoy it and even though the acoustics in that joint are crappy and we were made to turn the volume down, we sounded ok.

The Grail last night was a lot lot better. We had more time to soundcheck, the venue is a lot better and the crowd were up and dancing a lot more which was great. I think we played damn well too. I made a lot less mistakes than Friday night anyway 😉

Tell you what, 2 gigs takes it out of ya though. We were on stage for a total of over 6 hours in 2 nights and I am buggered.

Getting to bed at 4am last night doesn’t really help either.

So, in the theme of rock, I have stolen a meme off my gorgeous girl in my favourite genre! Music 🙂


Choose a band (or singer) and answer only in song TITLES by that band:

And of course, I am picking Guns n’ Roses. Surely they’ll have songs to represent everything in my life….maybe?

Let’s see….

Describe yourself: Patience
How do some people feel about you? Nice Boys
How do you feel about yourself?  You’re Crazy
Describe your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend: Used to Love Her
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: 
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Describe where you want to be:
Paradise City
Describe what you want to be: One in a Million
Describe how you live: Right Next Door to Hell
Describe how you love: So Fine
Share a few words of wisdom:  You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory



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