Can’t Talk…Spewing.

I guess it’s my own fault.

I make everything into a competition.

I started a Bootcamp today. It’s a 6 week, once a week, training session.

Obviously, I was not quite ready to push myself like a did…but hey, it can only get easier.

We did:

Some stretching.

A few minutes warm-up jog.

5 minute beep test (without the beeps. We just ran back and forth between cones around 20 m apart. I did 48, which I think was tied for the best with my Brother-in-law)

1 minute of pushups. (about the time I was ready to yak my guts up)

1 minute of crunches.

Stretching with stretchy tubey grip stuff.

Warm down.


Now, it’s not that hard a workout on paper, but I definitely pushed myself too hard in the shuttle run and by the end of the pushups (of which I only managed 28 in a minute), I was ready for a lie-down.

I held back the chunks however and staggered to the end.

I just have to remember that the pain and the sick feeling is all worth……something.

As long as I beat my Brother-in-law 🙂


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