ARIA. Another Reason (to) Ingest Alcohol.

The ARIA Awards were run and won last night in Sydney and I was pretty happy with the results.

Seems that most of the attendees were pretty happy to get smashed. Damn. Wish I was there getting smashed with them…


Album of the Year
Silverchair – Young Modern (Good Album. Deserved winner)

Best Group
Silverchair – Young Modern (Would have preferred Wolfmother or Eskimo Joe, but oh well. It’s the Chair’s year )

Off our heads much?

Best Male Artist
Gotye – Mixed Blood (Awesome choice against tough opposition. He really starred last night. If you didn’t know who he was before last night, I hope you do now!)

Yes. He does look like a dork, but a very talented dork.

He also looks scarily like a not so talented dork, Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Best Female Artist
Missy Higgins – On A Clear Night (They shared the prizes around. Missy = popular = winner.)

Single of the Year
Silverchair – Straight Lines (Would have rather seem JBT up there again, but oh well)

Best Pop Release
Sarah Blasko – What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have (Not sure how Sarah is Pop, but she deserves the win.)

What’s wrong with the shoes, LaLa? It’s the butterfly that is wrong.

Best Independent Release
The John Butler Trio – Grand National (Hilltop Hoods must have been close, but JBT deserve this. They were awesome live, can’t wait to see them TONIGHT!)

Best Urban Release
Hilltop Hoods – The Hard Road Restrung (But they did share the awards around. Nice job)

Best Comedy Release
Dave Hughes – Live (I think he was drunk as a skunk last night, but hey…onya Dave.)

Best Country Album
Keith Urban – Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing (Country? So WHY Was he playing with JBT?)

Breakthrough Artist – Single
Operator Please – Just A Song About Ping Pong (Nice. I have a bet with LaLa. These guys are going to be HUGE. (and no, I am not talking about the baby fat :)))

Breakthrough Artist – Album
Sneaky Sound System – Sneaky Sound System (Yeah..they’ve exploded in the last year. Fair enough.)

Best Blues and Roots Album
The John Butler Trio – Grand National (No brainer, but Xavier Rudd would have deserved it as well.)

Best Children’s Album
The Wiggles – Pop Go The Wiggles (How do they pick which one when they release 2 or 3 a year?)

Best Dance Release
Sneaky Sound System – Sneaky Sound System (Guess that was obvious. Whatever happened to Madison Avenue?)

That dress is just wrong. I didn’t think anything could be bigger than her hair.

Although, Chrstine Anu’s hair is competing well

Highest Selling Single
Silverchair – Young Modern (Do people still BUY singles??)

Highest Selling Album
Damien Leith – The Winner’s Journey (Yawn.)

Best Music DVD
You Am I – Who Are They, These Rock Stars? Live At The Mint (Cool. You Am I are still around…only in DVD format.)

Best Rock Album
Silverchair – Young Modern (Although, this album contains a lot of NOT rock.)

Best Adult Contemporary Artist
Josh Pyke – Memories & Dust (Awesome. Legend. Well deserved.)

Announced at Nominations event on September 19, 2007:

Best Cover Art
Aaron Hayward & David Homer (Debaser) – Powderfinger – Dream Days At The Hotel Existence (Universal Music)

Best Video
Paul Goldman & Alice Bell – Silverchair – Straight Lines (Eleven/Virgin/EMI))

Engineer of the Year
Wayne Connolly – Josh Pyke – Memories & Dust (Ivy League Records)

Producer of the Year
Wayne Connolly & Josh Pyke – Josh Pyke – Memories & Dust (Ivy League Records)

Announced at ARIA Fine Arts Awards on October 15, 2007:

Best Classical Album
Richard Tognetti, Australian Chamber Orchestra – Bach Violin Concertos (ABC Classics)

Best Jazz Album
Mike Nock & Dave Liebman – Duologue (Birdland/Creative Vibes)

Best Original Soundtrack/Cast/Show Album
Choir of Hard Knocks – Choir of Hard Knocks (ABC Classics)

Best World Music Album
Zulya – 3 Nights (Unstable Ape)

Other Random Photos:

Now…Natalie..I am usually a fan, but WHAT is with that lipstick??

They just look…wrong.

He self-inducted the Bad Seeds and then fucked off as promised. Nice Mo. Little early for Movember though.

Ben. Lose the apricot suit jacket and wear a balaclava or something. I don’t care if you play music, you are one ugly mofo.

Anyone go? Any juicy stories? I bet the after-parties are fun.


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