Frivolous Friday – Top 25 Albums of the Last 25 years

I like that. Frivolous Friday. No-one wants to work on Fridays. We all know this.

So, thanks to LaLa, here’s a little SMH  music survey to wile away some time

My choices are:

1982Thriller, Michael Jackson (Well, it is still one of the best albums of ALL time)

19831999, Prince (Prince and Jacko were IT when I was 7)

1984Stoneage Romeos, Hoodoo Gurus (Amazing First Album from these classic Aussie Rockers. The Yanks still love it)

1985The Dream Of The Blue Turtles, Sting (First solo album. Lots of great hits. Good pedigree)

1986Raising Hell, Run DMC (It’s Tricky! I didn’t know what real rap was until I heard that)

1987Appetite For Destruction, Guns ‘n’ Roses (A no-brainer, although it’s a good year for albums. I loved Sign O’ The Times too)

1988It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, Public Enemy (Pretty crap selection, but You gotta love the Flav!)

1989Straight Outta Compton, N.W.A. (Rap galore. It was tight between this and Paul’s Boutique. Fuck Da Police gets them over the lin)

1990The Good Son, Nick Cave (My First experience with Nick Cave. Many more to come)

1991Nevermind, Nirvana (Cliche it may be, but it’s an album that helped shape my life)

1992Automatic For The People, R.E.M. (I jumped on the R.E.M. bandwagon after this, along with the rest of the planet. ‘Drive’ is still my favourite R.E.M. song ever)

1993The Honeymoon Is Over, The Cruel Sea (Beasts of who? This was my first taste of Tex. I listened to this album a LOT)

1994Grace, Jeff Buckley (He may be a whiny and he may be dead, but I guess this album is good. I must admit, I have never been a big fan. I nearly voted for Portishead, but Grace has had more of an impact)

1995Hi Fi Way, You Am I (Screw Radiohead, this album is classic. Cathy’s Clown, Purple Sneakers, Jewels and Bullets. Love it)

1996Hourly Daily, You Am I (Double award for Tim Rogers! Mr Milk, Good Mornin’, Soldiers. Wow they have a lot of cool songs)

1997The Boatman’s Call, Nick Cave (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Even though he’s hardly ever here. Such a beautiful album)

1998Moon Safari, Air (They French. They smooth. They sexy (boy). This music started getting me into more electronica stuff)

1999Play, Moby (An amazing album. Porcelain is still one of my favourite songs ever)

2000Odyssey Number 5, Powderfinger – (By this stage the Brissy boys were well on their way to Australian rock legend status. Awesome album)

2001Is This It?, The Strokes (These youngsters came out of nowhere to give us this bit of slap and tickle and introduce us to NY garage rock)

2002Strange Bird, Augie March (Before Moo, You Bloody Choir, we had this one. It’s good. Listen to it)

2003Speakerboxx/The Love Below, Outkast (Sometimes double albums work well. Sometimes they work amazingly. This one was outstanding. Best thing they will ever do)

2004Chutes Too Narrow, The Shins (They make some beautiful music these boys. Whoever picked these songs has a thing for soulful music. . . Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

2005Illinois, Sufjan Stevens (I listened to this a lot in the States. Not only is ‘Chicago’ a fantastic song, this whole album is perfect for a lazy Sunday, but it’s pretty strange in parts..)

2006Moo, You Bloody Choir, Augie March (Yeah! I totally missed this album when I was away last year, but picked it up when I got back. Good stuff!)


Ok, so this guy’s taste is a little strange and not very mainstream, but hey, neither am I.

I think I’d rather go through and work out my own favourite albums from the last 25 years myself.

But that would take time….and effort, and is not very frivolous.

Enjoy your Friday 🙂


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2 responses to “Frivolous Friday – Top 25 Albums of the Last 25 years

  • Trish

    The Dream of the Blue Turtles was the first album I ever bought with my own money. I owned ‘Summer Hits 1983’ but that was a Christmas present. After The Dream of the Blue Turtles, I bought Zenyatta Mondatta, Reggatta de Blanc and Outlados D’Amore which up until then I only had bits of on a mix-up tape that the teenagers across the road had given me.

    I’m going to see The Police in Sydney in January. Yep, little bit excited. I’ve seen Sting in concert a couple of times but not the whole band. I can’t wait!

  • ChickyBabe

    The list is like a trip down memory lane. I had a crush on Sting at one time and I still remember when he took off his jacket at one of his concerts in Sydney. Sigh.

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