The Chaser Popularity Quotient (CPQ)

…or CPQ as I like to call it.

2 years ago, the Chaser were on TV (with the less popular CNNNN) , and were also on JJJ every afternoon, so I figure their CPQ was probably around 3 or 4.

That song Andrew sang last night? He sang the same one on air on JJJ, but with some different words back then. (Stan, Brocky, and Irwin weren’t dead yet)

Any complaints? Probably not many. Unless a granny accidently mis-tuned in their radio.

Fast forward 2 years and they have one of the most popular shows on TV with a CPQ of around 20.
Andrew sings his song on TV last night.

This happens.

Get over it people. It’s satire. It’s comedy, and seriously…some of the lyrics were probably just honest.

And just because they’re more popular, they get hammered by the media about it who hates that they are getting good ratings for their juvenile, satirical, cut to the chase comedy.

Bring it on boys….just stay out of jail!


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