Politics Free Wednesday.

My sister told me that I had too much politics on my blog lately.

Yeah, she’s right. That shit is boring.

As much as the election campaign tingles the sensations, perhaps I should talk about other things.

Other things like this.

“GEORGE Clooney used to be useless with women until he discovered alcohol.”

Come on…..

This is a man that is on my ‘List that I would turn gay for’ list.

Yes. Doesn’t everyone have a list like that?

Mine includes, but is not limited to…

  • George Clooney
  • Brad Pitt
  • Jake Gyllenhaal

But I digress…

Alcohol. Yes. As the poster says, it does help ugly people, but not only the fuglies as George as alluded to.

Alcohol, it must be said, has been partly or wholly responsible for the following, but not limited to:

  • My First Kiss
  • My first Girlfriend (shush. I was a late bloomer)
  • My First experience with drugs
  • My nickname of ‘Spew-Meister’
  • Some very smelly socks (sorry Mouldy)
  • A soiled carpet (sorry Beau)
  • Many many lost weekend mornings
  • A tongue kiss with another guy


Whose shout?


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