Blog Action Day – 2 Blog or not 2 Blog goes Green

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

It’s Blog Action Day. The 15th of October. A day when thousands of Bloggers around the world write about one topic.

This year, it is the environment. Not something I talk about very often, but something that’s often in my head.

I wouldn’t call myself a greenie by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, when I was younger I probably used to laugh at the tree-huggers, the hippies and the protesters.

At the same time I would believe in the celebrities that told us about the forests being destroyed in Brazil, or the toxic mines at Jabiluka.

In the last 20 years the minority has become the majority.

The myth has become the fact.

And now, the temperature is going up.

The water is running out.

…and people are believing and people are changing.

Yes. I have been converted. I understand the fact that this earth has taken a battering at the hands of us. 

I also believe that this earth is probably only going to be around for a finite time anyway, but I would at least like it to be livable for a few of my descendants. 

Now I find myself on the side of the fence where I mock the skeptics, I shake my head at the ‘naturally warming up’ people, I despise the fact that our supposed ‘leader’ uses climate change as a political weapon.

I want to help, and fortunately there are so many ways to do that. Simple things that are easy to do now that will make a hell of a difference in the long run.

Recycling is one that has already proven that.

Then there’s energy efficiency –

  • Light Bulbs 
  • Fuel Efficient cars
  • Shorter showers
  • Green Shopping Bags
  • Organic and sustainable foods.

Now, I’m not perfectly in-sync with all things green, but I am learning the first thing in getting there.

Educate yourself.

That’ll do. You all know what to do, and if you do or don’t from day to day, it’s completely up to you. 

The good thing is….we are learning, albeit slowly, it can only help in the long run. 


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