Rock It…..Hard

Quan and Me. Rock on!

I look a little worse for wear.

My shirt was dripping with sweat.

Quan looks cool as can be.

He’s a freaking legend.

The Gurge rock my world.

This gig just about topped it for me. Great feel. Great crowd. Just so awesomely fun.

They played about 5 of their new songs and they all seemed to go off well with the crowd.

There are some bands that you can tell, just do it for the fun.

The Gurge always seem to be having fun on stage.

Quan and Seja did an excellent version of “Romance of the Damned”.

Gah. I could gush all day. I want to go and see them at other places on their tour!

If you can. Check them out. You will never be disappointed at a Gurge gig.

New South Wales

The Metro Theatre – 6th of October
Sodens Hotel – 10th of October
The Great Northern – 19th of October
Bar On The Hill, Newcastle Uni – 1st of November
Fitzroy Hotel – 2nd of November
Manly Fisho’s – 3rd of November


Peninsula Lounge – 11th of October
Corner Hotel – 12th of October

South Australia

Night Train – 13th of October


Southport RSL – 18th of October
The Sands Tavern – 20th of October
The Met – 21st of October
Seven Niteclub – 24th of October
Leichardt Hotel – 25th of October
McGuires – 26th of October
Bombay Rock – 27th of October
Brothers Leagues Club – 28th of October


Siroccos Bar and Nightclub – 9th of November
Batman Fawkner Inn – 10th of November

Western Australia

Indie Bar – 13th of November
The Foundry – 14th of November
Odessy – 15th of November
The Dunsborough -16th of November
Amplifier Bar – 17th of November
The Leopold – 18th of November


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