Barnesy, Farnesy and Tina no more!

The ARIA Award nominations are out and I am quite impressed with the range of music that is now getting national coverage and recognition.

You know, we all listen to music. It may be on a commercial station (read: Australian Idol ‘classics’ on repeat). It may be on the golden oldies station (the land that Y2K forgot), or it may be the classical music on Classic FM. (but I am sure none of you read this blog, or know what a blog stands for.)

Me? It’s no secret I am a huge supporter of Triple J.

For one thing, there is bugger all else to listen to in Canberra (proven by the fact that JJJ is the 4th most listened to station in the ACT), and if you want to hear new Australian music, it is either JJJ or your independent stations.

I like the fact that music that I appreciate as good music; Well written, well performed and well produced; seems to be agreed to by it’s own industry (1000 music industry members vote).

Not that I agree with all the nominations below, but check out the Album of the Year noms…

  • Mixed Blood – Gotye
  • Grand National – John Butler Trio
  • Powderfinger – Dream Day at the Hotel Existence
  • Silverchair – Young Modern
  • Sneaky Sound System – Sneaky Sound System

Gotye gets a very worthy nod with his collaborative remake of his own music by other musicians. An interesting project that was definitely pulled off.

Best Group of the Year?

  • Eskimo Joe
  • Powderfinger
  • Silverchair
  • Sneaky Sound System
  • Wolfmother

A bit of a disappointing category, but good to see the Joe get a nom, as well as Wolfmother (although what have they done in the last year?). Ever Sneaky’s inclusion is worthwhile as they seem to have attracted dance clubs into playing at least one Australian club act in a world surrounded by US crap.

The Best Pop Release? No more Delta. No more Veronicas. No more Savage Garden. Yes! We now have Operator Please!

  • Operator Please – Just a Song about Ping Pong
  • Missy Higgins – On a Clear Night
  • Evermore – Light Surrounding You
  • Kate Miller-Heidke – Little Eve
  • Sarah Blasko – What the Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have

Take out Evermore and you have 4 Pop releases that I would proudly put in my library. Not that Evermore are ..that..crap..

In other noms, Grinspoon (who did a KICK-ARSE gig the other night at the ANU bar) get a nom for their latest in the Rock Album category and Kid Kenobi and poxyMusic both got noms in the Dance Release category. Score!

One of my favourites of the year, Josh Pyke, already scored 2 well deserved Arias for best Producer and Engineer of the year and got a nomination for Best BreakThrough Artist-Album along with another great up and coming band, Expatriate.

What is an Urban Release? Anything not released in the country?

  • Bliss N Eso – Day of the Dog Phazed Out
  • Foreign Heights – Get Yours
  • Hilltop Hoods – The Hard Road Restrung
  • Jackson Jackson – The Fire is on The Bird
  • Justice and Kaos – Turn it On

I love Jackson Jackson. Harry Angus from Cat Empire formed this band as a side project, but it’s so damn good that it could overtake his former band’s popularity in time.

To top it off, Architecture in Helsinki scored a nom in the Single of the Year category (alongside JBT, Powder/Chair and SSS)  for ‘Heart It Races’. An eclectic mishmash of sounds and beats formed into a catchy-arse little song.

See what I mean? Quality music being nominated.

I am almost 100% certain that it won’t translate into awards to the outsiders, but the fact they were nominated by industry peers is congratulations enough to these bands.

My pick? Silverchair. They’ll win a shitload of awards, and justifiably so. Young Modern is an excellent album that brought me back into the Silverchair fold that lost me at Diorama.


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