Mick the Bassist, Returns

I’m back in a band.

Hence my lack of posting.

It’s been a long long time….

Quick history.

I played Trumpet in high school, then Tuba, then when bass lines were too hard to do on Tuba in a Jazz Band (and I just didn’t have the breath), I learnt Bass Guitar and it’s still the only instrument I’ve ever actually bought.

I bought it off my old music teacher from high school.

I then played in the school jazz band, then the ex-students orchestra, then a cover band with my mates, then an originals hard rock band. Then….nothing.

It’s been about 6 years or so since I have played regularly.

But that’s all changing now. Through some fluke of talking to my housemates about music and gigs and bosses and weddings, I managed to fill a gap for a bassist in a local cover band that has been on the scene for about a year. I’m not giving away the band name just yet!

So, we have 2 gigs already lined up (one is still tentative) in about 10 days.


I have about 42 odd songs to learn in that time and have been cramming and practicing and trying to get my finger callouses back to where they used to be without getting massive blisters.

It’s all classic pub rock stuff (Angels, Acca Dacca, Hunters & Collectors, Jet) with some punk thrown in. (Green Day, Blink 182, Good Charlotte). So, I’m not a fan of all the music (Thirsty Merc and Good Charlotte for example), but it’s definitely stuff that the punters know and in the end that’s what a cover band is all about.

So, the first gigs are out of Canberra, so at least there’s no chance anyone I know will see me yet, but when we play in Canberra, I’ll let you know where and when πŸ™‚


But damn…it’s good to make music again.


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