My Path. My Life.

8 years ago, I was randomly called, mailed, plucked from a barrel or something and asked to participate in a survey.

I am a bit of a survey whore. I don’t mind participating in AC Neilsen surveys, or random calls about which political party I would vote for. I even participated in a continuous survey where you have to SCAN EVERY SINGLE GROCERY ITEM YOU BUY and then enter the price you bought it for. That got a little much after a while, but I sorta felt like I was involved in something.

I really wish I would be picked to provide TV ratings info and show those Current Affair/Today Tonight crowd where to shove their crap shows. I think I would watch obscure SBS shows on purpose to help and help them out.

I digress. 8 years ago the ANU picked me to be involved in a research study into mental health, including analysis into alchohol, drug use and cognitive function. For 20 years they will interview me every 4 years and perform similar tests each time to see how I progress.

It’s an interesting study and I am glad to be involved in it. I am asked questions about my work life, family life, alcohol use (would like to see that graph!)ย  and general feelings about how stressed I get and what I do when under pressure.

The cognitive tests are actually quite good and I get quite competitive in them. I did it last night, and there was a coded numbering system with symbols attached to each number. The symbols are listed down a page and you have to read out the number that each one corresponds to. I had to see how many I could read in 90 seconds and when I was finished, Jean (the same lady who had performed my 2 previous tests) said that I got one of the highest scores she’d ever seen in 8 years. KICK ARSE!!

She takes my blood pressure, a cheek swab and measurements and the test take around 90 minutes to complete. I had to do whilst also cooking dinner for the kids, but somehow we got through it.

I’ve always liked the concept of 7-Up, 14-Up, 21-Up…etc. I like that in 4 years I will hear from Jean again and we’ll go through it once more. I think back to where I was 4 years ago, and then 4 years before that. Somehow I think that in 4 years my life will be very different again.

  • I’ll be 35.
  • I won’t be living in a share house with 2 guys.
  • I will be living in my own house with someone that I will hopefully be with for 40 more years.
  • I won’t be living pay to pay.
  • My kids will be 12, 9 and 7. Shit. I will nearly have a teenage daughter!! Scary stuff.
  • All the Harry Potter movies will be finished. (thank fuck!)
  • The Rugby World Cup will be on again.
  • Guns n’ Roses, still won’t have released Chinese Democracy.
  • John Howard will be rotting in an old people’s home.
  • Rudd will be halfway through his 2nd term.
  • The Eels will be looking for their 4th straight premiership. (HA!)
  • 500Mb iPods will be released.
  • Big Brother will celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary by putting housemates in a bubble below Sydney Harbour.

Ok. I’m done.

Time to practice playing “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again” on Bass…

More news on that soon ๐Ÿ™‚


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5 responses to “My Path. My Life.

  • LaLa

    You know, if you keep making nasty comments about Harry Potter you might have no friends when you are 35.


  • alyndabear

    What she said about Harry. *kicks you in the shin* ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love 7-Up. Great, great idea.

  • Trish

    I recently went through a security clearance that involved being interviewed by a psychologist. I found it quite confronting, having to talk about my life and whether I was happy and content, that sort of thing. Psychologists can ask very tricky questions and if they stumble across something interesting they’ll pick at it like a scab until they see blood. Or tears. I suppose it depends on how much you’re willing to reveal during such a discussion (though, being a security interview, the intention is that you reveal everything). I’m not sure how I would go, having to reassess my life at four yearly interviews. I sympathise with the participants in the 7-up series who found it hard to go through every seven years AND to have it all recorded and edited and shown to the world on big movie screens.

    Anyway, I also love doing surveys, but I don’t know that I’d sign up for this one. I’m my own worst critic and getting a report card full of D’s every four years would just about do me in.

  • Aurelius

    Sounds fascinating Mick. Especially the Potter part :-p

  • Eternal B

    Yeah i do this thing too! “Pathway through life’ or something! i had mine done 2 weeks ago. Interesting to be able to compare the results over the last 8 years and see what has been going on! Good thing to see i am not getting any worse! Maybe all that alchohol is not that bad after all!

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