Monday Mumbles

  • APEC may have annoyed Sydney-siders, but it was my fastest trip to Sydney all year!
  • We won our Mixed Indoor Soccer Final in extra time!
  • I have ordered some new sunglasses to replace my stolen ones! Yum Yum —>
  • iPod sizes have exploded! $479 for a 160Gb iPod! Triple Yum yum yum!
  • My body is aching from playing 2 games of soccer yesterday, but also from playing Bass Guitar for 2 hours when I have not played for 3 or 4 years.
  • I might be joining a new band! I miss playing music.
  • The Eels jumped their first hurdle on the way to a Grand Final by beating the Warriors on Friday night. Now, BRING ON THE BULLDOGS on Saturday! Mmmm…the 80’s all over again..
  • I saw Ratatouille on Saturday night. Pixar rock. It was fantastic. Not the funniest, cutsiest Pixar movie they’ve made, but so beautiful to watch with a nice storyline.
  • Howard to announce Election THIS WEEK…..just you wait.
  • Watch Chaser on Wednesday night. Footage of their stunts that you won’t see anywhere else!

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