Mulder sluts up the screen

There’s usually at least one show a year that comes out of the US that pushes the boundaries. (Sex and the City, Deadwood, Weeds to name a few)

Usually something that includes lots of swearing, sex, drugs and debauchery that you voyeuristically watch it to get your dose of jollies.

This year, it is Californication. The new raunchy comedy on Channel 10. It is really fucking good. Duchovny belongs on TV. His movie forays have been pretty lame.

He gets to be a rough, slovenly, sexy in a just-got-out-of-bed-and-put-my-underwear-on-backwards sort of way. I think he was made for this role. He plays it a little too well. What’s he been doing with his X-Files income over the last 5 years?

So, he’s a writer. He’s lost his muse. He pines for his ex. He’s trying to raise his 13 yr old daughter together with his ex, who is going out with a straight boring rich guy.

He manages to pick up every girl that he looks at, but they are all screwed up in that great LA way. (in the pilot show he ends up having sex with a 16 yr old who has a penchant for punching during sex and ends up being the daughter of his ex’s new fiancee) See! It’s fucked up!

Another good thing is that we are seeing it just a week after the US (streamed my arse), and it’s quick enough that there’s no spoilers or chance to hear about it.

So, if you feel like watching something smart, funny and sexy, check it out. It’s way better than most of the tripe on the tube


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7 responses to “Mulder sluts up the screen

  • alyndabear

    I love this show. And strangely, I still love Mulder. Even all these years on.

  • enny


    I love him more because he’s married to Tea Leoni who I think is the coolest chick in the world.

    We saw bits of the shows and I liked it – might be one we have to aquire!

  • Trish

    Bugger! I forgot to watch last night! What did I miss? I really enjoyed the first episode. And I also LOVE DAVID DUCHOVNY.

  • Mick

    He was awesome as Mulder and I think I liked him in Kalifornia and Evolution wasn’t tooooo bad. But he is just so cool, and YES I love Tea Leoni as well. She is hot as, and they are a lasting celebrity couple which is a nice thing.

    Last night’s show was great. More about the relationship between his daughter, his ex, her current and his daughter. Very twisted.

    Oh yeah and the best part was when he smashed his head as he fell off the back of the bed doing a woman doggy style whilst stoned and then throwing up on a painting before she threw up as well.


  • Fyodor

    Yairs, fantastic show. I’m pretty sure Duchovny isn’t acting…apart from the drunken monkey sex and vomit scenes, natch.

    Anybody else absofeckinglutely weirded out by that sweet little girl from The Nanny taking her kit off in every episode?

  • Andy

    Great show and I like your comments. I thought DD wouln’t work on this show but he does it really well. Sometimes his relationships are stranger than the stories on X-files….perhaps scully (Gillian A) will make a guest appereance as a love interest – > something they never consumated on the X-files.


  • jess

    Awesome show and I know it’s been said but I’ll say it again, David Duchovny is brilliant!!

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