The Eels Equation

It’s the last week of NRL round footy before the finals, and here’s what us Parra fans want to happen, and it’s how I’m going to tip!

Cowboys by 10 over the Bulldogs
Tigers by 2 over the Knights
Roosters by 8 over the Rabbitohs
Panthers by 10 over the Warriors
Raiders by 7 over the Sharks
Dragons by 2 over the Sea Eagles
Eels by 14 over the Broncos
Storm by 20 over the Titans

That will leave the final ladder like this.

1. Storm
2. Sea Eagles
3. Cowboys
4. Eels
5. Warriors
6. Bulldogs
7. Rabbitohs
8. Tigers

No Broncos!

We really really really want the Panthers to beat the Warriors, because then we can skip over the Dogs and Rabbits and we have them on For and Against even if they win. (unless there’s a blowout)

To continue into the finals…

we’d have

Eels v Warriors (Easy!)
Cowboys v Bulldogs (Doggies will get them I reckon)
Sea Eagles v Rabbitohs (Huge Sydney match, but Manly will probably get them)
Storm v Tigers (Bye bye Tiges.)

And then…

Bulldogs v Warriors (Dogs will win this too. Warriors suck away)
Eels v Cowboys (Eels to get their revenge!)

and then…

Sea Eagles v Eels (Eels to rub Killer’s nose in it)
Storm v Bulldogs (Bulldogs win to set up the final…)



What a game that would be…… 1986 all over again!

EELS IN 07!!


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