Mr. JoEy’s (beautiful) Blues*

I was naive.

I didn’t believe that Andrew Johns was intending to take that tablet.

When he announced on the Footy Show tonight that he was going to take that tablet, I was stunned.

When he announced that he had taken drugs over the last 10 yrs or more, I was fucking floored.

Then he revealed he’d been on anti-depressives for the last 5 years, and I started to think.

Joey, although he’s been a fairly happy-go-lucky character has always seemed that little bit sad to me and if you compare him to his wacky Bro, he is positivity morose.

I feel bad for him. He looked shattered in the interview tonight and was holding back the tears. He has been holding on to this secret for a long time. He has dodged drug tests (of which he has had 20 – 30). He admitted to an alcohol problem which he says leads to the drug use.

But, ultimately, it’s not the drug use that I see as a big problem. All sorts of people take drugs. Friends, family, workmates, bosses, mothers, fathers and many other footballers. It’s not just for the drug-addled junkies and addicts.

I think LaLa nailed it on the head when we were talking about it earlier tonight. We, as Australians, tend to put our sportstars on a pedestal. Perhaps to heights that they shouldn’t be at. We revere them, we idolise them and yes, I believe that kids see them as heroes.

And more and more it seems that these sportstars are coming crashing to earth with revelations of their personal lives that we don’t want to hear.

Joey will be ripped to shreds now and I don’t think he deserves it. He no longer plays the game but he made enormous contributions to Rugby League and Australian sport in general.

Remember him for that, not his unfortunate personal life.

If not for him, then for his 7 yr old son.

* Apologies to The Eels (the band, not the awesome team!)

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5 responses to “Mr. JoEy’s (beautiful) Blues*

  • Trish


    I was talking to my husband about it earlier and he was bemoaning the ‘tall poppy’ thing, everyone in the media assuming he was guilty because they so enjoy tearing down successful people.

    The real story of course is terribly sad. Depression can wreak such havoc. I hope he gets better, and I hope the media cut him some slack.

  • alyndabear

    I honestly thought the tablet was a one off slip up, but the other revelations just make me feel sorry for him. You know what though? I rate him highly for being honest about it … even if it was a few years too late.

  • LaLa

    None of it surprises me at all, e’s are prolific in todays society, in London particularly, taking an e is easy, cheap and rife in the Australian Expat Community.

    I’ve been to the Church a couple of times myself and believe me, with the amount of alcohol consumed there I am very surprised he can even remember being arrested.

    As I said to you last night Mick, although I feel sorry for Andrew Johns, watching his pain and mortification was uncomfortable, at the same time I think it was great that he was honest.

    Maybe the Australian public and media will realise that sports men and women are normal human beings, full of idiosyncracies and fallibilities and stop having exceptionally high expectations of them.

    If you are up on a pedestal, it can be a very long way to fall.

  • Growling Ferret

    If you think Joey is the only NRL player who has enjoyed a few disco bikkies, you have your head in the sand…

    If the best leagueie I have seen is a drug user, one of the best AFL players in the land in Ben Cousins enjoyed plenty of coke and ice, perhaps these substances when taken in some level of moderation are less dangerous than the authorities make them out to be…

  • enny

    I was disappointed that at no stage in the ‘breaking’ interview was the issue of the sheer stupidity of accepting pills or strangers, or the even the fact that each e is a risk – you just don’t know what’s in it!

    The overall impression I got was that yeah, it was wrong – but it was never about why it was wrong. He basically showed that he could play awesome football and take drugs and that it was fun and great (he was always looking forward to it) and he was one of the most successful sportsmen, only saying something when he got caught for it.

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