Help Solve my Housing Predicament!

It’s always the way. You spend ages trying to find the right place to move into and then somehow you get 2.

Here’s the sitch.

I have 2 places that I can potentially move into on Monday, and here’s the rundown for each one.

House #1:

Location: Ngunnawal
Distance to kids: 12 km
Distance to work: 12 km
Cost: $150/week
House: Double Storey Townhouse. Single Garage (To share).
Bedrooms: 2 standard bedrooms, both with built-ins. Could use one room for me. Other room for kids.
Space: Sharing the living area. Combined Lounge/Dining.
Kitchen: Small kitchen. Gas Stove. Dishwasher.
Bathroom: Sole use of bathroom.
A 25yr old female. She goes to bed at 8.30pm. Gets up at 5.30am. Rides to work and would be very quiet I think. Quite relaxed and easy going, but I would feel like I have to be quite quiet when she goes to bed. Is fine with kids coming over.
Internet: Would have to pay for own internet connection. (Looking to hook up with Virgin Broadband for $60/month). HM has offered to pay $10/month for use of phone.
General Comments: It is about 5 minutes drive from Gungahlin shops which has every shop you’d ever need. It’s not far from the local shops, but there are no clubs within walking distance.

House #2:

Location: Holt
Distance to kids: 5 km
Distance to work: 4.7 km
Cost: $120/week
House: Double storey Townhouse, but bottom floor is double garage and storage. May be able to use one garage spot on rotation.
Bedroom: 1 master bedroom with walk-through robe and ensuite. Would have to fit bunk bed in master room with my Queen Bed (which should fit), or HM offered for me to put Bunk Bed in living area. Verandah access off bedroom including roller shutters. (good for privacy and to keep the sun/heat out)
Space:Β  Sole use of dining and lounge room space. Family room used by other Housemates.
Kitchen: Gas Stove. No dishwasher. More space. Fairly roomy
Bathroom: Ensuite for myself.
Housemates: 2 mid 20’s males. Very relaxed. Rugby Players. Will have visitors and possible parties. Have no problem with me having anyone over, including kids.
Internet: Would have to pay for own internet connection. (Looking to hook up with Virgin Broadband for $60/month)
General Comments: Walking distance to Kippax Fair, including Kingsleys (yum!) and Woolworths/Aldi. Also walking distance to clubs with cheap dinners!

I have already told House #1 I am moving in on Monday and paid just under 2 weeks rent ($214), but if I chose House #2, I would not ask for money back. It would take 7 weeks to recoup the money that I have paid for House #1.

I am leaning towards House #2 because of the lower rent, relaxed housemates and closer to work/kids. They also have a Playstation 2 and lots more living space for me, but I feel bad because I have already committed to House #1, although I don’t think she’d have too much trouble finding someone else, especially with the 1 1/2 weeks rent I’ll be giving her.

Please help! I need to decide by tomorrow!


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11 responses to “Help Solve my Housing Predicament!

  • LaLa

    Close to Kingsleys you say? Hmmm.

    Being the personality type that I am, I would stick to number 1, but only because I don’t like offending people. But then, you don’t have to live with her do you?

    Are you sure the boys in house number 2 won’t party too much and it won’t be too much of a squash with the bunks in your room?

  • Trish

    I always solve these problems with the toss of a coin. Heads = Ngunnawal, Tails = Holt. If you flip the coin and tails comes up and you feel disappointed, then take the place in Ngunnawal. If tails comes up and your first instinct is “yay that’s what I was hoping for” then take the place in Holt.

    But if you really want my opinion, go with Ngunnawal, just because it sounds like a much better arrangement for your kids.

  • Miss Frou Frou

    Have no idea where these places are, and on the surface would say house 1 would be the better bet as you’d have a room for the kids, though it sounds like you’d have the living and dining spaces at house 2 for your exclusive use too!.

    These are people you’re going to have to live with, so it’s who you’d feel most comfortable sharing with… I know I’d struggle to share with some who went to bed and was up and about so early! But equally I’d have trouble sharing with party hearty blokes … heah, I’d have trouble sharing with anyone so I’m not the best person to be providing advice, now that I think about it!

  • enny

    I’m with house 1 too… I think the two rooms will make a difference, plus the less other ppl in the house, the better.

  • alyndabear

    I’d be going with House 1 as well. Just sounds more… reliable?

  • Aurelius

    I find the consensus amusing Mick. As we discussed last night, don’t use reasons, just pick whatever feels right.

  • skye

    Well you are paying an extra 30 for the other room a month .. but you have some privacy from the kids and a place for their stuff so it feels like there own room .. rather than sharing your room. But I guess the other place has a dining room and lounge all to yourself. Although 20ish year old rugby players may be like living in a frat house .. depending on the guys but I think it would suck to have to be quiet after 8:30 .. But I agree with Aurelius .. go with your heart .. Ive just had a feeling with my last two roommates and they have worked out really really well but I didnt think about it too much just went with what felt right …

    lol Im sorry I wanted to give you like a clear answer but Im just as confused with the choices .Maybe you should just write an article on it instead?? lol …

  • Mick

    I have been weighing it up, and slept on it, and I really think my heart wants to go for #2. I like the fact that I can socialise with the housemates and don’t have to be quiet at nights. I will feel comfortable to have people over whenever.
    Of course, the downside is the space, but I am not going to be living there forever and the kids aren’t there all that much anyway (although I am hoping that it will be more).
    Haven’t made a final decision yet but I keep finding reasons to go for No. 2.

    Cost and distance to work/kids are probably the main factors too.

    Thanks for all your words of advice and opinions though. I still may be swayed!

  • skye

    Good luck …………………… πŸ™‚ may the force of house choices be with you (ok im in a silly mood)

  • Aurelius

    Skye, “like living in a frat house” – is that an “against”, or a “for” factor??

  • skye

    haha well my irish roommate has had irish boys visiting for the last 2 months and my house started looking like a frat house .. it was fun on a friday or sat night .. but during the week it was annoying!!!I guess to answer your question its half and half hehe

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