Life by the Numbers.

Fabulous weekend.

As it should be.

The Cure + cuddles + donuts with my girl + cuddles + City 2 Surf + Watching Idol on the couch with said girl + fish & chips + cuddles
One blissed out Mick.

Even today’s (actually yesterday’s now) full long day hasn’t dampened my mood.

1) 2.75 hr drive.

2) Stupid users at work.

3) Working late and being tired as hell

4) Blocked up sinuses and cough

Is easily superseded by

1) Best friend/Best man announcing the Best news.

2) Black Sheep. Gore. Kiwi-style. Fucking funny as hell. Even better cause the tickets were free (all 6 of them!) from JJJ. (thank you my friends)

3) Hitting a 6 off the 2nd last ball in Indoor Cricket to win the match and the skin.

4) Muse tickets going on sale on Thursday

5) I move into a new place in 2 weeks. (Ngunnawal. 2 storey, 3 Beddy Townhouse with 1 other)

6) I go to Merimbula for a weekend in 2 weeks.

7) I plan on taking my daughter to the snow in 3 weeks.

And hopefully I will be able to stand on my own 2 feet before the year is through.

Life doesn’t seem to be slowing down for me. But I am ok with the pace.

As long as when summer comes, I can sit down, drink beer and watch cricket. That’s all I need.


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