City 2 Surf – 2007

We got up at 7.30 in preperation for the 9am start.

It was a sunny day.Wearing shorts to the train station was no problem at that time of day (can’t say that about Canberra now CAN WE?)

Just to add a little more walking for the day, we missed the train to St. James and instead got a train to Central and walked to the start line.


The sea of people

We were trying to meet up with Jay, but somehow ended up stuck in a sea of people stretching and getting ready for the starters gun.

We tried to shove our way through but it was like trying to push a square peg in a round hole.

The front runners start

The starters horn went and the front runners were off. We weren’t even close to get past that start line.

Instead we went and hung at the side of the 3rd group with thousands of walkers, shufflers, Amway people and weirdos

Let's Start already!

Finally we started. I think it was around 35 minutes after the first group left. Just 5 minutes later the winner of the City 2 Surf crossed the finish line. We had just passed the 1km mark.

And we're off!

It was nice to just stroll along and check out the people around us and soak in the sun.

We saw:

  • ATM’s running (and probably sweating their arses off)
  • Idol Judges rating the runners
  • A Rock Band on the top of a roof
  • An old bloke with the skinniest legs you’ve ever seen (wish I had a pic!)
  • A guy leaning over his wall spraying his hose at the runners too cool us off. It was damn refreshing.
  • More drunk guys with a hose who were aiming at young girls with white shirts
  • Lots of BBQ’s, beer and parties that just made us want to finish and EAT
  • A few girls singing the “99 bottles of beer on the wall” song. They got to 40 something and we had to speed up to get away from them.
  • Running Budgie Smugglers.

Much easier ways

65,000+ people were there and you could tell. There was little space to walk. If you stopped you risked getting mowed down by Soccer mums or 16 yr old kids.

Heartbreak Hill was not nearly as bad as they say. But then again, we were just strolling along.

Heartbreak Hill is done

Bondi Beach was definitely a welcome sight as we came down the hill towards the finish line

Bondi Panorama

3 and a half hours after it started, we reached the Finish line.

Mick wins too!LaLa wins!

We were hoping for Sausages and beer at the end.

We got Chicken wraps and Soda water.

Not that I’m complaining! It was a nice day and definitely worth doing.

Next year we RUN! (Yes, LaLa?)


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