Review: Die Hard 4.0

I’m alive!

And so is John McClane! He just keeps on keeping on in this 4th installment of the best Action franchise there is.

19 years ago Die Hard 1.0 came out and it is probably my favourite action movie of all time. The whole concept of keeping the action confined to one building was innovative for the time and the discovery of Bruce Willis as a blockbuster action actor has changed films for the better. Just think if we had to be stuck with the soft romantic comedies of Bruce.

Not that he isn’t a versatile actor, but we all know he does the gritty, hardened, wise-arse cop, the best.

I remember the build up to Die Hard 2.0. It was billed as ‘Die Hard on a Plane!’. Of course, it was more like in an airport/tunnel/church/runway, but we still loved it. Lots of shooting. Lots of explosions and lots of funny McClanisms.

They felt the need to re-unite Samuel L Jackson with Bruce in Die Hard 3.0 and we got ‘Die Hard in New York’. Many people say that it was the best of the trilogy, but I disagree. I have always thought that Sam Jackson took a bit of the shine of McClane. After all, it is HIS franchise. Jeremy Irons also took away some shine as well, and although is accent is great for a baddie, it was just a little too much.

So, we have Die Hard 4.0 (otherwise known as Live Free or Die Hard in the US). Of course, it has the explosions, the adrenalin pumping action, the wise cracks, the funny lines and the bits where you just shake your head and go, “What the hell. They expect us to believe this stuff…?”.

The great thing is, we know what to expect and we know we’re not supposed to believe that a car could actually bring down a helicopter, or John could jump from a speeding car and just come out with a few bruises and scratches. It’s the parts that could actually really happen that make you believe this movie.

The motivation and concept behind the baddies in this movie is virtual terrorism, where a group of hackers can have a ‘Fire Sale’. Bring down transport, finance and utilities. It’s not as far fetched as it sounds and the idea is based on an article, “A Farewell to Arms” written by John Carlin.

The best thing about Die Hard movies is that we love John McClane. I don’t think there is any other action hero that we can feel so close to and love to see on screen. And damn, I hope I look like Bruce Willis when I am 52.

Another bonus for me in this movie are all the on location shots done in Washington D.C. I kept seeing places I’d been and poking Stevie (who saved me from seeing it by myself) and saying, “I’ve been there. I’ve been there”

Oh, and that kid from the TV Show, Ed (Justin Long) is great in this. I’ve always liked him and his performance in this is fantastic. You really grow to like the 2 of them together and it actually makes me want to see them work together again. The cameo by Kevin ‘Silent Bob’ Smith is very cool as well. His ‘Command Centre’ is too cool. Look for the Star Wars line!

The great thing? The franchise continues. Even though I heard that this was going to be the final installment, Bruce confirms that a 5th movie is almost certainly going to happen and he wants to re-unite with his ex (Holly Generro) in the next one.

So, yes. SEE THIS MOVIE ON THE BIG SCREEN. It’s worth it.

It gets 4 1/2 Explosions from me!


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6 responses to “Review: Die Hard 4.0

  • Miss Frou Frou

    Was a bit ambivalent about this … I thought the 2nd Die Hard movie just so unneccessarily violent – the plane being misdirected into the tarmac etc. that it turned me off the franchise, but saw the trailer and thought it does look pretty cool. And I too really like Justin Long… love his IBM/Apple ads. So, you’ve convinced me, will try to get to see this soon.

  • Pamalicious

    I am also a Die Hard Fan and the thing I like about this series of movies is that Bruce Willis wears you out!! You come away with something aching on your own body, lol

    We saw this movie at the drive in with a misty rain falling – just perfect!! It did NOT disappoint. I still like the 3rd one with Zeus the best but this one was off tha chain.

    I said I wanted to see this and then go see the latest borne and just go into shock, lol

    Good post!

  • Aurelius

    I liked the I-war link. Even though I’m only halfway thru the article.
    Oh, and I’ll get around to seeing the movie too 🙂

  • Trish

    I think I’ll got and see this, since you’ve recommended it so highly. And I liked the first three. We don’t get out to the movies as often as we did pre-kids but some films you just have to see on the big screen. Are you going to see the Bourne Ultimatum? Can you review it too, please? Thanks!

  • Eternal B

    i had a date with my ‘TV boyfriend’ on Saturday night and it was fabulous!! Excellent movie – really enjoyed it!

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