The Day my Doppelganger Rang me

My house searching has been reaching fever pitch lately.

Whilst I have the future option to find a place with a recently returned blogger, I was dreading having to return to my dad’s place after this weekend.

31, Living with my dad and eating Oma’s cooking (which although can be yummy is a rotation of schnitzel, meatballs, roast and stir fry :)) was not going to be my idea of where I wanted to be.

So, I put a post up to indicating that I was getting desperate for a room, and could someone please save me.


I received a phone call on my mobile on Friday, but I was busy at work and didn’t answer it.

They left a voicemail and I played it back.

This guy rang and said he had a couple of rooms available at his place in Flynn.

Oh yeah, and he said that he’s 31 (me as of 5 days ago), has 3 kids (count ’em. 1, 2, 3) and his name is Mick.


No freaking way.

That is just……weird.


I thought I was an original!


This continues the theory or how my life works.

Stuff just kinda…works out for me. Give it a bit of time, don’t get too stressed out and shit will work itself out.

Maybe I have some sort of magical mojo chakra aura or something.

Fate? Destiny? Jebus?

So, yeah, I got the place. I can move in tomorrow and I can actually have a HOME again.

Anyone got a trailer I can borrow? ๐Ÿ™‚


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