Wombats, Simpsons and Gurus. Oh My!

My last week has been great and it’s time to spill!

(Warning – Photos Galore! but be patient. It took me long enough to upload them on bloody dial-up, so you can just wait a few seconds you impatient bums :))

It started with a delightful weekend in Kangaroo Valley with my LaLa. If you haven’t been, you should. It’s a beautiful piece of the world.

Turn off at Sutton Forest, halfway between Sydney and Canberra and then drive towards Nowra. Stop about 20km away and you’ll discover a little township with about 20 shops, a pub, a bakehouse, a pre-school, a police station, a lolly shop, a couple of hippy shops and wombats.

The weather can also change in minutes as we discovered as soon as we got there being caught in a solid hail storm.

Hail in Kangaroo Valley

It was so nice to get away and play some board games…(it wasn’t ME who did the rude word!)

2 all at Trivial pursuit isn’t it dear?

Rude Scrabble

The next day we went on a walk down to town and saw all sorts of delightful sights…

Musically Talented Ants,

Ant on Lead

Over Friendly Horsies,

Horsie. Close-Up.

Pretty Flowers…

Daisy. Close-up.

and a retro Postbox.

Post Box in KV

It really is a lovely little place.

We also took in the footy at the pub on Sunday (bloody Manly) and had an scrummy Roast Lamb on the Saturday night. (Cooked perfectly!)
Sunday morning, we indulged in a extravagant BBQ Brekkie. Eggs, bacon, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Snags. YUMMO.

Barbee Brekkie

We took in Fitzroy Falls, Tallowa Dam and, on the way home, Berry, including some cute little letterboxes. (tired of linking pics now. Check out my Flickr page.)

Overall, it was just a great, relaxing, peaceful and fun Birthday weekend.

Oh yeah, and we saw a wombat!

Wally Wombat

I’ll call him Wally.

After a little nap and big hugs, I left my girl back in Sydney (mope) and headed home.

Not being content with that being the end of my birthday week celebrations (we all get a week don’t we?), I took the kids out to the Simpsons Movie on Tuesday night..

The Simpsons Family + Mine

It was really really good. I was getting worried that it might be disappointing, but how could I ever doubt Homer & Co? It was funny, exciting, different enough to the show to make it worth seeing at the movies and just the fact that we WERE seeing it on the big screen made it awesome.

It was sort of strange actually seeing The Simpsons in public when we are so used to having a chuckle in our own lounge rooms.

You’ll be humming, “Spider Pig…Spider Pig. Does whatever Spider Pig does…” all the next day 🙂

To top off a kick-arse week, I saw the Hoodoo Gurus last night and finally met the engaging Aurelius. It was really nice to finally meet, pick him up and have a bit of a chat (ie. discuss politics, music and blogs) before the gig, because after the ear-piercing guitar playing of Brad Shepherd…

Hoodoo Gurus @ The Venue - Brad gets into itHoodoo Gurus @ The Venue - Dave SingsHoodoo Gurus @ The Venue - Brad. Playing his Butt off

and Dave Faulkner…

We really couldn’t hear much afterwards.

What more could a 31 yr old need?



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