Meet a Blogger. Meet a Friend!

I didn’t start blogging as a way of meeting people. I started it as a way of publishing my thoughts and opinions into the great wide world of the internets.

I mean, I’m never going to get my words in print any other way, so why not just write shit online and share my mundane life with the masses?

After a few months of blogging and starting to notice other bloggers out there I discovered that there was actually a community. A smattering of people who blog that seemed to be cool enough and nice enough to actually want to meet. Face to face. In person and such.

This first such event occurred around 2 years ago, as I met around 8 or so blogging types at the Wig ‘n Pen. Several of them are even still blogging 🙂

I have missed a couple of other blog-meets since then unfortunately (slack-arse = me), but it hasn’t stopped me from meeting a few fantastical bloggers this year.

Of course, one of them happens to be my sensational LaLa and through her the joyful Aly. I spent a night at the Brumbies with the recently departed Johnboy and the other night I finally met a blogger that I have been reading every since I began.

She writes so well, has a titillatingly quirky sense of humour and is a lovely person to boot (ha! I know you forgave me, but I had more up my sleeve!) I am talking about the delightful Enny of course! Although she likes to hide in her Enny Pen, it was nice to see her out the other night!

I was a bit slack and didn’t make it to Aurelius‘ welcome home dinner last night, so I am hoping to rectify that shortly and meet the enigma himself!

So, yes. In conclusion.

Blogging = Fun = Friends.


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5 responses to “Meet a Blogger. Meet a Friend!

  • Flametree

    I started blogging this year and have joined the Sydney Weblogger Meetup Group at – haven’t been any meetups since I joined, but hoping to get to one soon. Not sure if there are any ACT meetup groups, but it seems to be a good resource for arranging such things!


  • alyndabear

    Hear, Hear! You & Lala are fabulous, and I’m sure Enny & Aurelius are also.

    What can I say? Must just be us Aussie bloggers, eh?

  • Skye

    Heya you can always be published in my magazine .. speaking of that hows the aug 2nd deadline coming hehe?? I was thinking of you wanna branch out and do music stuff that would be cool too.!!! Still cant get into work cause of the explosion .. we have had two days off and have to go to the cgs residence tomoz …

  • enny

    ‘lyndabear – thanks!

    All the bloggers I’ve met have been lovely. I guess it’s because you do know a fair amount about these people before you meet them – if you didn’t like their writing you wouldn’t read them, then you wouldn’t meet them!

    I mean – how else can you get away with reading 5 years of someones diary, meet them once and then message them at midnight to get the phone number of someone elses diary you’ve read and met once (but would have troubles recognising them in the street)?! Hooray!

    And thanks for the entirely unprompted compliments :o)

  • Henrietta

    Big help, big help. And suprtlaeive news of course.

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