Harry loses it!

No. This is not a Potter spoiler..

Whilst the Potter-nuts are busy burying their nose into the final book, I had a busy day. Well…busy when I finally got up ๐Ÿ˜‰
Woke at 1pm after a fun night of Indoor Cricket, Darts, $1 beers and ‘Cheese on Toast’.

Now, ‘Cheese on Toast’ is a monthly affair at a little place called Toast. They play videos and vinyl of old 80’s and early 90’s classic and the punters lap it up with outrageous dancing, leg-warmers and singing until you are hoarse. Another highlight of the night was finally meet the one they call Enny from the Enny-Pen. I did a few laps of the place and even looked inquisitively in her direction a couple of times, not really sure if it was her or not. In the end I decided I had to go and find out and sure enough I was right ๐Ÿ™‚

So after a late night and a late sleep in I played Dodgeball, checked out a possible place to live, bought some oil and filter for my car, then headed to watch the Bledisloe Cup. Part 1 of the Saturday Sports Feast. Thanks to crappy referee decisions and some ordinary attack, the Wallabies lost the game, lost the chance to win the Bledisloe and the Tri Nations.


Well, at least we have the football coming up. The Socceroos can save the night……please?

No such luck. After a nice Aloisi goal to make it 1-0, the Japanese retaliated with a goal 2 minutes later to make it 1-1 and that’s the way the scoreboard remained even during the BULLSHIT red card of Vinnie Grella in the 75th minute. Complete crap.

So it went to penalties, and yes, this is where we must swear at Harry. Harry Kewell stepped up to take the opening penalty shot and punched it low and right and as soft as one of my sisters’ shots at goal in Indoor Soccer. The goalie saved it easily and then Lucas Neill steps up for his attempt and the Japanese goalie took a nice save to a fairly good strike to the left of goal.

It didn’t get much better and the Japanese get (some) revenge for the World Cup loss to us last year.

To top it off, the New Zealanders made it a double for the night with a double-overtime win over the Aussies in the 2nd Test of Netball.

Fuck. 3 games. 3 losses. Doesn’t get much worse than that.

So, for my Saturday Swear for this week?



That feels a little better.

So….does the other Harry win?

I bet he does.



Apologies to Aurelius, whom I was supposed to meet tonight on his return to ‘Rome’.

Too much sport, beer and pouting prevented me from getting there. Hopefully we can meet up very soon though.


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2 responses to “Harry loses it!

  • enny


    Though I was expecting a sparkling review of how lovely I was and how well the scars have healed ;o)


  • alyndabear

    I can’t get over the dramatics of soccer… the rolling around on the ground, being carried off on a stretcher for a SLIGHT head knock. Bunch of pansies!

    (And that ref was completely biased.)

    Holy shit, did I just write a sporty comment? No way.

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