Bring on Global Warming..

I’m toasty. Warm. Snug.

In Bed.

I can’t hear the sound of morning outside.

Even the birds are nestled in tightly with their head under their wings.

The alarm goes off.

No…Noooooo…..not YET.


Sleep. Half Awake. Half Asleep.

Dreaming of Cruise Ships. White Sand. A warm fireplace.

Again with the alarm.

Turn Off in a dreamy trance.



The warmth surrounds me. No matter what is happening in the cold wintery morning, this is where I need to be.

No more alarm. Just my own motivations to crawl out of bed.

Motivation is something that perpetuates itself. But if you have little to start with, you have little to work with.

1…2…3….this is it. Up. Go. Work. Dedication. Motivation.

You can do it.



Ugh. Cold tiles. Cold water splashes me. Cold Air extinguishes the warmth that was just recently enveloping me.

Warm water. For those few minutes I can again enjoy the serenity of warmth and of comfort.



It also burns, but it burns so good.




Water restrictions? Bah. Is that a motivation to turn off the shower?

Well, I have to use something.

Cold again. It rushes back, and not even a towel can help.


Pull back curtains and see the morning.

The ice on the car.

The frost on the grass.

The fog in the air.

Eat. Slowly.

That cars going to need warming up, while I get cooled down.

The chilly air and icy wind smack my face red.

My coat’s not quick enough.

My socks aren’t thick enough.

My hands shake as I scrape off the ice with a Borders Rewards card.

I lock myself into the cockpit of the ice bucket (of shit).

Car’s not warm. Bed is still there. The doona is still there.


I have come too far.

I glare through he icy back window and reverse onto the street.

Work. Heater. Damn you. Warm up.

It warms up. I am at work. I have to walk 5 minutes to the front door.


I can still go home. The bed…..the beeeedddd.


Hands in pockets. Beanie on head. Head down to shield from the wind.

Cold feet. Cold hands. Cold EVERYTHING.


Bring on Global Warming…..

….or at least Spring.


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