4-0. About Time!

It’s been, what you might say, a slow start to the Asian Cup for the Socceroos.

Others might say that our first 2 games were absolute shite.

And let me tell you, it was hard to find the positives.

But then, when the bandwagon was about to reverse out of the stadium towards the Bledisloe Cup, the Socceroos wake up and do that they should have done from the start.

A 1-0 first half, where Australia played solidly with good control and most of the possession kept it interesting. We had to win by at least 2 to give us a chance at the Quarter Finals. Half time, and we had yet to use World Cup Hero™, Tim Cahill or our good mate Harry. The Thais’ came out in that second half and took all the possession, won all the balls and the Aussies looked set to let the pressure get to them….again. That wagon was once again idling the engine and the sport hacks were ready with their poison pens.

But somehow, against the run of play, the much maligned captain and single figure goal scorer for his country finally hit double figures. Viduka scored 2 excellent goals to seal the match and the chance at another crack in the Finals. Harry finished it off nicely with a solo goal in the 90th minute. Let’s not forget the mastery of the great man, Mark Schwarzer, whose mammoth like paws kept out a number of Thai chances.

Thank fuck the Dook for that.

Australia, although finishing 2nd in their pool, advance to the next round and face the team that we beat in the World Cup to get our initial bandwagon registered.


It won’t be an easy game, but the Aussies know how to beat them, and we now, know how to win again.

It’ll be a hell of a night on Saturday night. The Wallabies can clinch their first Bledisloe in 5 years (and first Tri Nations in 6 years), and the Socceroos could advance to the Final 4.

Oh sport…..

How I love thee.

Oh, and you guys can stay on the bandwagon. I am walking.


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