My New Toy….

…A new shiny red BIKE!

After months of procrastination and searching, I have finally got me a bike.

It’s red!

It’s a GIANT..

and it’s pretty.

My new bike - Side
My new bike - FrontMy new bike - BackMy new bike - SeatMy new bike - Gears

Pity it is -100 degrees today and there’s no way I’m taking it for a test ride. Bloody winter.

I snagged it from a nice old guy on eBay for $299. He bought it for $495 about 3 months ago and it’s hardly been ridden. SCORE!

It’s got disc brakes too which are worth almost as much as the bike.

I will however have to go accessory shopping. Tim and I put together a list of things that I should buy.

He put on the list:

  • Helmet – Definitely. I may have been adverse to these as a youngster, but now I know I’m not invincible 😉
  • Gloves – Never really considered this, but I can see that it is probably a good idea, especially for this chilly mornings
  • Bike Shorts – I don’t THINK so Mr. Timmy. I ain’t Touring De France in a hurry.
  • Bike Computer – I’m a bit of a geek for a bike computer so that’s a necessity. Love seeing how fast I am going.
  • Pump and bracket – For sure. I think I already have one on my old bike though.
  • Drink Bottles and brackets – Might be able to fit 2 bottle racks on this, but will have to check them out
  • Saddle Bag with contents – Spare tubes, tyre levers. That sort of thing. I think it’s probably worth getting.
  • Bike Lock – Tim has suggested the chain ones with the t-bar lock. Sounds good to me

If I bought all that, it would probably come to $350 or so, so I won’t be buying it all in a hurry, but I will definitely get the helmet, bike computer and bottles first.

Now i just have to either brave the freezing cold and ride to work, or wait till it gets warmer (end of September probably)


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