Inhale, Inhale, You’re the victim.

“Come play my game.
Inhale, inhale, you’re the victim.
Come play my game.
Exhale, exhale, exhale.”

No. Not a huge fan of the Prodigy (although that is a pretty kick-arse song)


A whole lot of windbagging and tabloid filler has been in the air this week, and funnily enough it all began with an innocuous interview on Triple J.

Listen to it here. (4 1/2 mins in)

I just think it’s amazing that somehow, a staffer for Malcolm Turnbull heard this interview, went “Ha! Time to discredit the Opposition by forcing an ex Rocker to admit he smoked dope! That’ll get us the old fart vote!” and then notified the media.

And the fact that it actually became news and actually warranted 108 articles on Google News astonishes me.

Triple J have dozens of interviews every week with various musical stars and guests, entertainers, politicians (although, NEVER John Howard in ALL the years he has been PM. Don’t get me started…) and I doubt that most of the media even give a passing glance to the comments made by the interviewees.

Johns has come out and said it was a joke. An exaggeration perhaps? I still think the image of Bono, Daniel Johns, Natalie Imbruglia and Peter Garrett in a bed smoking a joint and listening to Young Modern is pretty cool.

In other Rocking news. I just bought me a ticket to see the Hoodoo Gurus at The Venue. It’s a newish gig house in Erindale and I can’t wait to see ’em in an intimate setting, just as they should be seen. We’ll ignore the fact that I saw them last at their ‘farewell’ tour! (same as with another band we know!)


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5 responses to “Inhale, Inhale, You’re the victim.

  • LaLa

    Of course the media would jump on it, don’t forget that Peter Garrett is now a polititian so anything and everything he does or has done will be over-analysed. I am not surprised it’s news at all.

    I think the reason the story became so big was Daniel Johns was caught making up a story (or was he?) but the fact that he had to correct himself in a public apology was the best part.

    Tsk tsk.

  • alyndabear

    I have that song as a ringtone on my phone. 😛

    I read about the Johns/Garrett statement a couple of days ago.. good that Daniel came out and cleared it, as stupid of a statement as it was to begin with.

  • Aurelius

    You didn’t get me a ticket??????

  • Mick

    oooh..You wanna come?
    For sure! I didn’t know anyone would want to come!

    As for Daniel Johns. Stupid? Maybe. Dry Musician humour who hates interviews? Definitely.

  • Aurelius

    Mick, I dunno when the gig is, but I’d definitely be keen. I worked in the next office from Rick Grossman when I was in my first job. He was an ASO2 in the Dept of Defence, believe it or not!

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