The grass is damp. My motivation is saturated.

I am becoming more and more disillusioned by house hunting and conversely not having anywhere permanent to live.

There are quite a few rentals in Canberra, but not enough to cater for the number that are searching and I am having trouble finding something suitable.

I’m looking after the boys this afternoon and was supposed to looking at some open houses, but the weather is disgusting (see snow/sleet/drizzly yuck) , and the motivation to drag the boys out to open houses is not there.

I am also worried about finding a place as I need to have the money ready for a bond, and I just don’t have $600 lying around at the moment. (Bring on Tax Returns. Well actually, bring on Group Certificates first!)

I think this funk that I have felt a bit of this last few weeks is due to not having a permanent base. I am sick of not having a place to call home. I don’t officially have a home and it sucks.

Was great to see my boy running around this morning on the Rugby field. He finally learnt to run towards the other players and now he just has to remember not to throw the ball at the other players when they get close! He’s the shortest kid on the field and even the kid just taller than him is a year younger!

Oh well. George Gregan is shorter than me… 🙂


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3 responses to “The grass is damp. My motivation is saturated.

  • enny

    It is TOTAL blagh weather atm.

    I have no advice for you on the houses as I am not so wordly, but I will keep an eye out on the noticeboards at work and around the place… :o)

  • Skye

    Im sorry to hear that 😦
    If it makes you feel better your sport report rocked!!!
    BIG elephant stamp to you

  • Zhu

    I feel sorry for you…

    I looked for a place in Paris when I was a student and as you might have heard, the tiniest room is about 600 EUR. That’s when the landlord chooses you, cause of course there’s a lineup. And you have to pay two months rent cash. And show that you make at least 3 times the rent.

    I moved to Canada. Lots of space, much better here ! 😉

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