Mick’s Half Yearly Report Card 2007

We’re halfway through 2007. Shit. This is 2007 and it’s half gone.

Only 6 months till 2008. Ha

Oh and Mum, here’s my report card for the first half of 2007.



After a tentative start to the year, Mick has shown a marked improvement throughout the last few months. His motivation and dedication to his newfound job has been impressive and although he seems over-tired, a little stressed and sick of inept co-workers he appears to be settling in well.

It would be beneficial for Mick to work on getting earlier nights, not whinging so much about repetitive tasks and showing initiative towards bringing his lunch to work.



Although Mick started the year living with a parent, and feeling 19 all over again, he managed to grow up and move out to have his first share house experience. It was short lived however, and before he knew it memories of 2006 came flooding back as he bounced from one place to another, house-sitting and living a nomadic life.

It would be prudent of Mick to increase his motivation behind finding a place to live on a more permanent basis and I believe that he has plans underway to move in with a like-minded individual. If Mick manages to find accommodation that is satisfactory by the end of the year, he should be able to improve this grade



The year started poorly for Mick after bouts of a ‘heat-related’ arthritic condition in his feet, which seems to occur every summer. The pain prevented walking, sport and work on several occasions which really put a downer on his overall health grade. A visit to the Doctor was even undertaken, with multiple ailments produced to the professional.

As it turns out Mick does not have:

  • Gout
  • A Heart Murmer
  • Skin Cancer (although he really should go to the Dermatologist that he was referred to 4 MONTHS AGO)
  • Epilepsy
  • A scratched eyeball, or
  • Any diseases at all

The pain of the foot was working in tandem with the pain in his teeth as wisdoms were apparently forcing their way into his brain. visits to the dentist were encouraged, but Mick, being the stubborn prick man that he is, decided to accept the pain and ride it through to the other side. To this day I believe he feels remnants of that pain of February. GO TO THE DENTIST!

Fortunately, once the dental pain subsided, for a couple of months Mick was well. Apart from self-induced alcohol related mishaps and over-tiredness, things were looking up.

May, however, brought about a self-inflicted and avoidable ingrown toenail, which he is still suffering. Although he seeks pity for his injury, none should be forth-coming as he repeatedly refuses to visit a professional to extract it.

The overall grade here was influenced by the fact that, although Mick has appeared to have several incidents of pain and conditions worthy of treatment, only once has he actually done anything about it, and he really should renew his script for the antibiotics to clear up his infected toenail. For the most part, however, Mick has been relatively well and has only missed 2 or 3 days of work due to illness or injury (The BDO sickie doesn’t count)

Mick has to realise that he is getting older and really should start looking after himself.



The last 2 years of Mick’s love life have been tumultuous to say the least. Previous grades have shown his lack of consistency in this area and we believe that it is time that Mick worked out what the hell he is doing and stick to it. Although the start of the year was rocky, things took a favourable turn around the end of February and have been improving ever since. The recent admission of adoration towards another has further cemented a solid grade for the first half of this year.

We can only hope that Mick continues this impressive form through the rest of 2007 and beyond



Mick has been showing impressive improvements throughout the first half of this “transition” year and although he has faced hiccups, road-bumps and other obstacles along the way his passion, positivity and goodwill have kept him in good stead.

I would like to see Mick work a little harder on his wellbeing and Home situation, but once he sorts these things out I can’t see why the end of year card would not be an A.

Keep up the good work Mick!




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9 responses to “Mick’s Half Yearly Report Card 2007

  • LaLa


    “The overall grade here was influenced by the fact that, although Mick has appeared to have several incidents of pain and conditions worthy of treatment, only once has he actually done anything about it, and he really should renew his script for the antibiotics to clear up his infected toenail”

    You said it, I didn’t!

    Glad to hear your love life is looking up πŸ™‚

  • alyndabear

    I’m so hiring you to write my yearly report cards for the kidlets.

    No getting out of it, you hear…..

  • Skye

    What a great idea ……. I mite do one myself!
    2 days till the next edition… im feeling heaps better too πŸ™‚

  • Aurelius

    I agree with Skye, but if I did it, it might turn into a meme, and I hate them.
    But is a brilliant idea Mick.

  • duneprincess

    Brilliant concept! Your report card is looking pretty healthy overall πŸ™‚

  • Miss Frou Frou

    What a great idea… think I might have to have a go… And a B – woo hoo!

  • Mick

    Thanks for the comments all.
    I think a B is pretty good. I reckon if it weren’t for the Love life, it might be a C…

    If I can find somewhere to live soon, an A is possible! πŸ™‚

  • agimum77

    Not bad, not bad as your mum I just have a few comments to make…lol!
    You know you have always needed your sleep!! He, he when you were little you slept 3 hours during the day and then went to bed at 6 pm! Soooo don’t take after your mum, go to bed at a decent hour and get enough sleep!!

    As for taking your lunch, well, you never did like soggy sandwiches!

    Hmmm as for a place to call home, just put it out there and it will happen, believe me I know what it’s like not having a home and being a nomad….not good! But it WILL happen!

    As for the C for your health….tut, tut, not good at all!! Remember you are a responsible “Dad” who has to look after himself. I would definitely like to see an improvement in that by the next report!But hey I understand…join the club none of us are getting any younger, your mum is having a hard time accepting that too!

    Ah and now for “Love” and the A! Well done I am proud of you! Keep up the good work, just don’t forget there are “others” in your life you need to share this love with….but you know that I know.

    So overall, well done my son., as always I am proud of you and love you!

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